Campers at Lake Selmac experience smell, yells, and heavy footsteps file# 17352


Date:September , 2008
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Route 199
early morning
Lake Selmac Campground right on the outskirts of Selma, Oregon.


Description of event: This incident took place in September 2008. I was camping with my ex-girlfriend at the Lake Selmac Campground on the outskirts of Selma, Oregon.
We rented a yurt that night at the campground. It was the only yurt at this campground and there were no other campers in the vicinity. Though there were several rural residences nearby. The yurt was near the entrance of the park across from a large pond across the road.
At night while sitting by the fire we heard crackling noises through the understory. As if someone heavy was walking nearby around the campground observing us.
The major incident occurred in the morning when we awoke. I left the yurt at about 8:00am. As I came outside I smelled a very foul odor in the area. Though I could not see a source for was a strong odor of like rotted garbage. At first I thought it was elk but could not see anything.
After returning to the yurt 30 minutes now ex-girlfriend and I heard a very loud unusual vocalization. I have never heard anything like that ever before. It sounded like the vocalization on the Ancient Mysteries episode of "Bigfoot" narrated by Leonard Nimoy. My ex-girlfriend said and I quote...."what the hell is that?"....end quote. I was thinking the same. IT was eerie but Im sure it was a Sasquatch vocalization and odor I smelled.

record updated:2013-09-29 21:43:52

Investigation by: Tom Rutledge

Tom Rutledge Investigator

Ashland, OR