Couple bow hunting on Mt Emily initially mistake bigfoot for another hunter file# 17795


Date:August , 1982
county, OR
Nearest town:
Lagrande, Or
Nearest road:
clear hot
late afternoon
Took exit 243 off I-84 towards la grande, or. turned across hwy and drove up mt. emily rd. approx. 15 miles to the summit


Description of event: While bow hunting on Mt. Emily in late August of 1982 ( i must admit I am not sure of the exact year but it was 81-83 )my wife an I drove up to the summit from exit 243 on I-84 we were camped closer to main hwy. when we arrived to the top I noticed what i thought was another hunter sitting by a tree. as we drove past I turned to look again an this creature stood up an walked across the road to the hillside an started to go down when It stopped and looked at us. I realized it was not a hunter an was much to large. It vanish over the hillside I got out of my pickup an went to that spot to look. it had been standing next to a tree and appeared to be the same hieght wa was approx. 8 feet.. The fact that it stood up and walked several feet before it dissapeared convinced me it was not a bear besides the fact there are no bears in Oregon that tall.

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