Fishermen at Applegate Lake hear screams and tree breaks nearby file# 18516


Date:June 15, 2014
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
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over cast mid 60s
Seattle bar apple gate


Description of event: Me and a friend were doing a little night fishing at Seattle bar, on fathers day. Have had tree knocks and foul smell before this night during the many times we've gone out there during day night ect ect. But this was very different. We felt a very strange feeling while we were casting out. Hearing a large Kerplunk in the water we thought the fish were jumping down from us so we move down a little more, 20 minutes went by and across the river on the rock shore we heard a very loud scream that continued and began breaking trees and the foot steps we herd moving rocks wasn't like your normal 4 legged animal they were distinctly apart like a very large man was lunging and screaming at us, we high tailed it away from the water back to the car, given the time of night and amount of people we had, (2) including myself with no weaponry of any sort we thought it would be a good idea right then to move fastly we got to the car and realized maybe because we were across a river what ever it was was trying to scare us off so we decided to go back this was approximately 10-15 minutes later. This time we didn't go to the water and we never heard another screech but we did both confirm that something very large was grunting in the water, not a bear that's very sure not a dog or wolf either the noise was just as scary as the loud screeching that we had heard minutes before. I believe now that this was bigfoot. I've lived in Oregon my whole life 22 years been hunting fishing camping for majority and have never herd something move this fast or make that screeching noise that I will never forget. What ever it was wasn't happy we were there and was ready to use force to get us to leave

record updated:2014-06-16 06:23:32

Investigation by: Tom Rutledge

Tom Rutledge Investigator

Ashland, OR