Wild land fire fighter, has an encounter while surveying water source.

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Date:September , 1986
Josephine county, OR
Nearest town:
Cave Junction
Nearest road:
Caves Hwy
late afternoon
What I remember I was hiking into the Bigalow Lakes area.


Description of event: I was with a fire crew checking on a water source. I stopped and sat on a rock as the crew went ahead. The area was a free range area. The cows that were in the meadow began to bellow and I watched then all run to the northern side of the meadow. I first thought there might be a cougar amongst the cliff area. I then scanned the ridge and noticed something standing at the edge of the cliff. I thought it might have been like a burnt tree there. Then it began to turn from side to side and I then could see it had a head and shoulder form to it. After a few seconds it turned and walked back towards the wooded area.

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Investigation by: Bill Hodgson

Bill Hodgson

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I have worked for a retail store for 18+ years. I have also drove truck, and did a little work with the BLM and USFS. I have not been affiliated with any other organization, only with OBF. I have had an interested in Sasquatch for many years. I have lived in Oregon all of my life. I have a little experience in tracking wildlife and knowledge on the mountains and forests of Southern Oregon and parts of Northern California. My research has been personal, but now I want to help others understand what they have experienced.