Man and his granddaughter are awakened by screams in the night file# 18731


Date:August 11, 2014
Kitsap county, WA
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Treefarm Lane NE




Description of event: About 4:30am I was awakened by 1 dog barking, (loud higher pitch, unrelenting) and something else making a noise, high pitched, extremely loud (primal scream maybe)in response. I really did not know what the noise was. As we have a dog, I checked to see that he was ok, which he was. The noise moved from back yard to front yard.

My opening and closing the side door to check on my dog made noises that I assume made 'whatever' stop its screaming. I did NOT see anything. It was quite upsetting. I then went online for Sasquatch sightings in Poulsbo, WA and found this site. The 'sounds' link had an entry that sounded exactly like what I heard. was the 6th sound box on the page - exactly what I heard. My 16 year old grand daughter was home as well and awakened, frightened by the noise. I played the recording for her later after she awoke again, but on her own, and I did not tell her what I was going to have her listen to. She said "That is what I heard this morning. What is it?!"

I told her I didn't know. I was raised in the Methow Valley, camped/hiked lots, and have never heard anything like this in my life. This situation lasted about 15 min.

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