Man hears creature while solo camping near Mt. St. Helens file# 18736


Date:August 10, 2014
Lewis county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
NF 1823
Clear, warm
early morning
Go to Blue Lake trail head near the south side of MT. ST. Helens. Hike to blue lake. I was camped in the trees near the lake just off the trail.


Description of event: I went to bed as the sun went down, I don't use a tent because they are too heavy. So I was under a bug shelter under a full moon on a clear night. Very good night vision. I fell right to sleep but around 1 o'clock I heard a howl/scream and I knew exactly what it was, I just knew. It sounded fairly close, maybe a 1/4 mile or less. It sounded clear as a bell. I knew it was a Sasquatch. I was scared but not panicked, not ready to pack up and leave, I hoped it didn't scream again but about ten minutes later it did, farther away this time. Maybe a 1/4 mile farther away.

I slept with my pistol on my chest that night. I did sleep, but not well. The next morning I was so tired I just packed up and went home. I solo camp all the time and have never heard anything except a bear one night. This was pretty cool.

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