Diary entry from 1882 describes screams and food disturbed

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Date:July 21, 1882
county, OR
Nearest town:
Elkton Oregon
Nearest road:
Hi Way 138
Brads creek


Description of event: This is from an diary my brother found in the house where Mary Wells had lived.
Mary was born in Elkton Oregon August 4 1863 died May 15 1948.
The diary was donated to the Douglas county museum.

Mary Wells Elkton Oregon excerpt from her diary
Friday July 21, 1882

Annie and I started for Brads Creek. Stopped on the road and ask Ester to come up in the evening, she and Bright came. We picked our berries until 7:00 o’clock , then went to camp, feed our horses and picked more berries until dark. We made a fire had tea and super by the fire light. We made our beds, when all was made as comfortable as possible, we turned in for the night, some to sleep and some to roll and fight fleas and other crawling insects. About midnight we were aroused by the scream of a panther we were not greatly disturbed. The same sound was repeated the next morning while we were fixing breakfast and again about 9:00 o’clock. Some thought it was a person, for when I heard it scream, I would scream and it would answer every time. But it was a strange noise for a man and there were no women or children near. We picked berries and returned to camp about 10:00 o’clock, someone had moved our berries from the previous days picking. That was the only evidence we found of anyone’s presence.

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