Whoops heard by hunters

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Date:April 29, 2015
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
NFD 400
early afternoon
N.Umpqua Highway to Watson Falls (37) then to NFD 400, where it dead ends to the south. I hunted in the area of NFD 400, the road(s)we always in sight.


Description of event: Went up there to scout for turkey, got out of the truck and almost instantly heard this whoooop whooop sound, joked around with my hunting companion that was the sound they say bigfoot makes so I started to record with my phone. I returned the whoop and the whoop was repeated.

We left the area to scout after a couple of minutes. The Stellar Jays seemed agitated but then again I am not from Oregon and don't know their normal behavior.

The next morning I went in blind because I don't know the area and I kept seeing all of these rocks stacked on top of the stumps that were from trees cut during a timber harvest, just got an uneasy feeling about the area but hunted it anyway. Saw a pile of fur and bones from a deer or small elk , never did find the head but I didn't look around too long.

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