Campers hear close-by screams file# 21458


Date:April , 2013
Columbia county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Cloudy, no rain


Description of event: Myself, my girlfriend and a friend went just for a night to a well known area we frequently visit. This experience happened about 2 years ago in the spring of 2013 I believe.

My girlfriend had already gone to sleep on the tarp, as we didn't use a tent that time. My friend and I stayed up around the fire for hours after she had gone to sleep.

Around 11 I imagine we heard an intensely loud and and bellowing scream coming from the direction of the creek. The duration of the yell was about 5 or 6 full seconds and took a remarkable about of lung power. The first thought in my mind was that it reminded me of primate yell. Whatever it was, definitely was screaming at us. I had an intense feeling of being regarded as a threat. The animal was also very close, about 50 yards I think, judging by magnitude of the yell. My friend and I instantly jumped up and grabbed our walking stick and got into a defensive stance. It was completely silent after that. No movement at all and we had no flashlight to venture off, so no sightings. We stayed the rest of the night and walked out first thing in the morning.

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