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Please be as thorough as possible. Track finds and smell or sound reports are just as valuable as sighting reports. Second-hand reports are fine. If you have more than one encounter to report (i.e., if two encounters happened on significantly different dates), please submit each report separately. If you don't know the EXACT date or location, please just be as specific as you can.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS! If you know how, PLEASE type up your description in MS Word or another program and SPELL CHECK IT before submitting it. Once it's spell-checked, you can select, copy and paste it into the description field of the form.

What would you like to report? Please check any that apply:
Audio recording
Evidence was collected (plaster cast,
broken trees, hair, feces, etc.,
please explain in your description below)
Thrown object

Was this an ongoing OR one-time event? ongoing one-time
Did you notice any other strange phenomena as well? (If yes,
please include in your description anything you feel may be significant)

Now we'll ask a few questions about WHEN and WHERE this occured.
Please be as specific as possible, consult a calendar or map if necessary.
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Nearest Town:
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Month: Day: Year:

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Please note any nearby landmarks:
Approximate Elevation?
Please describe the
exact location, including driving/hiking directions. Try to direct us to the exact spot.
If you would like the
exact location kept
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indicate your wishes
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Take a moment to think carefully about the area, then check any boxes which describe the area or nearby landmarks:
River or creek
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Lake or pond
Forest Camp/Work Center
Mining Area
Known caves (please describe location above)
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Clear cut
Logging/road building operation

Please use this field to describe what happened in your own words.
Try to include as much detail as possible, take as much space as you need
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If your report includes a sighting, please answer the following
questions to the best of your ability.
Your answers will help us analyze the data more thoroughly.
If your encounter did not include a sighting,
please skip to the next section.
How long did the sighting last?
How far away were you from the subject at the beginning and end of the encounter?
How many creatures did you observe?
What color(s) of creature(s) did you observe?
What were the apparent ages of the creatures (i.e. 2 adults, 1 juvenile, etc.)?
If you noticed the sex of the individuals, please indicate it here:
Please indicate creature(s) approximate height(s):
Please indicate creature(s) approximate weight(s):
Please describe any eye color or eyeshine noticed:
Was the head rounded or pointed or?
Please note any other physical characteristics you noticed:

Whether you're reporting a sighting, sound, track or other evidence or event, please indicate the creature's behavior and your own activities at the time by marking the appropriate box(es) below:
The creature(s) vocalized
swayed side-to-side
raised arms/gestured
was observed eating
broke trees/branches
threw an object
was carrying something
hit house/tent/camper
hit or shook automobile
looked in a window
disturbed camp
followed the witness
If you observed other behavior, please describe it briefly here:

How would you describe the creature's behavior/general demeanor
(even if you only "heard" the creature)? You may check more than one.
Passive (did not move, just looked,
stood still, walked by casually)
Interactive (left objects, returned vocalizations)
Aggressive (screamed, shook trees,
charged, threw objects)
Avoiding (ran away)

Please indicate your activities at the time of the event.
What was your purpose for being in the area?
Please check all that apply, or type your answer in "other"
At or near home
Horseback, bicycle or ATV riding
If you were engaged in some other activity not listed here, please indicate it:
Please list how many witnesses
were present, and their ages:

If you noticed any strange sounds, or a LACK of noise, please describe it here.
Otherwise, leave blank:
Please describe what you heard. Was it a vocalization, a thumping, rocks clacking together? Was it loud or soft, short or loud? If you can, try to spell it phonetically (for instance, RRRAAAAHHHHHHHH):
For how long did the sound continue/how many times did it repeat?
How far away was the sound? Did it come closer or retreat?

If you noticed an odor, please complete the following.
Otherwise, leave blank:
Please describe any odors you noticed. Include descriptive terms, and please note whether the smell was contant or intermittent, and whether it lingered.

Did you find or collect any
physical evidence of the encounter?

Please check any the apply:
Broken trees or limb formations
Rock stacks
Animal carcass
Describe, briefly, the above evidence or anything else you may have found:

If you found tracks, please complete the following.
Otherwise, skip to the next section:
How many tracks were found?
How many different individuals' tracks were found?
Approximate length of track(s):
Approximate width of track(s):
Approximate depth of track(s):
Approximate stride:
Length of trackway:
If photos of the tracks have been uploaded to the internet, please include the URL here, or a note about any photos that you have. You can also email digital or scanned photos to us, or send them via regular mail (our address is at the bottom of this screen):

Contact information:
Please note that NO identifying information will be published.
Your name, the identity of the witness and any personal information you provide
will not be made public. Occasionally, we may contact you to clarify certain details.
In some instances, if you are outside of our area, your report may be transferred to a qualified researcher near you who can help you or provide more information about Bigfoot in your area. It is our pledge to you that you can report your encounter with complete confidence that your privacy and wishes will be respected.
Your name/witness' name:
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Finally, is there anything you'd like to add? Anything strange you noticed that we haven't covered? Any odd sounds, lights, feelings, etc.? Please include anything we might have missed here.

You're almost finished!

If you have photos or recordings that you would like to share with us
(they will not be published or made public without your consent)
or have a video that you'd like to have digitized and analyzed
(free of charge), you may email photos to info@oregonbigfoot.com or snail-mail items to:

OregonBigfoot.com/Dark Mt. Productions
Attn: Autumn Williams
c/o PO Box 628
Elkton, OR 97436
Please email us ahead of time to let us know that you're sending items.

Hoaxers and children playing around with the computer: DO NOT hit submit. You WILL get busted.

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All submissions become the intellectual property of oregonbigfoot.com and may be used in lectures, print, and electronic format by the owner of this site in order to educate others. However, your confidentiality will be respected and, if you choose, your name will not be used.





October 9, 2014

Sasquatch Abductions - An examination of several historical reports of Sasquatch abductions. How many can you count that mention a group of Sasquatches in a cave at the edge of a canyon?

July 1, 2014

Bigfooting in a ghost town - Join us as we visit the remains of an old company logging town and examine sighting reports in the area

April 7, 2014

The most in-depth report on Sasquatch hair color ever conducted... I have examined 1270 reports in the Oregon Bigfoot database for color frequency. Also, thoughts on Sasquatch hair-growth patterns, a surprising analysis of Sasquatch hair compared to other great ape hair, and an examination of genetic diseases which may be apparent in eyewitness reports, including albinism, skin conditions and more.

February 5, 2014

Digging back through 20 years of files... Read an eyewitness account of close interactions in the media archives

October 25, 2013

A trip back in time to investigate the Wild Man of Winberry Creek and a trip to the woods to investigate some recent reports in the area. Photos and news clippings.

July 23 , 2013

Uploaded to the media archives: a comprehensive scientific look at the data in the OregonBigfoot.com sightings database. Where are Sasquatches most often sighted? When? What activities are witnesses doing most often during sightings? How can you increase your chances of a Bigfoot sighting or interaction? The answers might surprise you! Click here to get started!

May 13, 2013

More of the extensive interview with Midwest long-term witness "Truth". Over an hour of interview clips of candid conversation about what it's like to be a long-term witness and what Truth has learned.

April 2013

A fascinating historical account from India. Fiction or not?

March 2013

Bill and Gary's latest report from the campground has been uploaded! Photos and audio files


Conversations with Truth's adult daughter about ongoing encounters on their property in the Midwest


Multimedia Field Research Journal updated: Followup on a photo and sighting report


This 92 minutes of audio is the first in a multiple-part series of interviews with a long-term witness in the Midwest who is currently having ongoing encounters. You don't want to miss it! Photos and audio included.


Multi-media Field Research Journal updated


Nancy's 18-page report from the 2011 Shasta-Trinity has been uploaded. Last year's trip culminated in a face-to-face sighting. Photos and audio clips, as well as audio of the moment of the sighting, are included. This brings the Campground series to a total of 56 parts spanning a five-year period.

Also, a special update... details available to members.


In the mid 1970's, a family experienced repeated sightings at a lake in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. Read what happened, find out WHERE it happened, and view the follow-up report detailing our own strange encounters there. Photos


Part 38 in the campground saga has been uploaded. Bill and Gary return to the campground for one night in April. Photos and audio files


An HOUR-LONG INTERVIEW with a law enforcement officer/ex-bigfoot-researcher-turned-witness. What happens when you put the cameras down... and just how close will the Sasquatch come?


NEW AUDIO RECORDING of vocalizations from Ohio.


I've updated my field journal with photos and video, documenting a HISTORIC TRACK FIND on a lake shore near Cottage Grove, OR.


Bill and Gary return to "The Campground". This is part 37 in the ongoing encounters there. Photos and audio


Two new pages of track photographs uploaded - tracks found in mud and snow


In this update to the media archives, I share an audio interview with a long-term witness from Oklahoma, detailing her sightings and encounters over a period of several years. The interview is over 45 minutes in length. Photos included.



Mom and I returned to Valley of the Skookum. Read about Mom's reunion with Youdi and Emily after 30 years... and what we found when we went to the Valley.


Bill's latest report from "The Campground" has been uploaded. Sightings and weird events abound! There are now 36 parts to this ongoing investigation.


In our historical archives section, I've added comprehensive research of "hairy men and women". The Oregon Bigfoot blog has been updated with a complete timeline of the events surrounding the 2011 Melba Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Project.


Check out the new plant school section in the Oregon Bigfoot Research Tools.. Learn about Pacific Northwest plant species and their uses, as well as their relation to bigfoot reports.


We follow up on a vocalization report hours after it happened and interview the witness on location. Photos and video.


The follow-up report to Nancy's return to the campsite (below) from OB member Bill O'Neill, who visited the site shortly after Nancy left. Fascinating interactions and a couple of sightings... as well as some things that are truly unexplainable!


OB Member Nancy's return to the campsite. Nancy has, once again, outdone herself with an amazingly detailed report of the events that took place while she camped alone at a site in Northern California where she's had encounters in the past. 8 pages of detailed field reporting, photos and audio recordings.

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