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Date: Source: Location: Description:
Winter 1990 oregonbigfoot.com Injured creature witnessed in a pond by teens
Winter 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Teen has rocks/sticks thrown at her while walking over a bridge at night
Fall 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Man hears unusual sounds and strong odor while hiking with family
Fall 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Track found in mud/gravel on side of a road
summer 1984 oregonbigfoot.com Air Force trainee awakes with large, stinking figure standing over him
Summer 1960 oregonbigfoot.com Benton Creature runs across road in front of vehicle.
Fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Chelan Unusual screams/howls heard in campground by family
Fall 1978 oregonbigfoot.com Chelan Man recalls sighting from his teens in the 70's
Spring 1984 oregonbigfoot.com Chelan Very close yells/screams heard in steep narrow canyon
Summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Chelan Camper awoken by vocalizations near Suiattle Pass
Summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Clallam Spooky encounters near Olympic Hot Springs Rd.
Spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Clallam Brief sighting while camping
fall 1978 (approx) oregonbigfoot.com Clark Road crossing near Christmas tree farm
Winter 1974 oregonbigfoot.com Clark Footprints observed in sand bar along river
Summer 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Clark Footsteps heard just outside of campsite at night and trail discovered the next morning
Spring 1998 or 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Clark Witness describes feeling watched at deserted campground near Beacon Rock
Winter 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Clark Eerie and scary screams heard
Fall 88 oregonbigfoot.com Clark Camp counselor has sighting of creature at children's camp
Spring 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz Couple has encounter in Ape Canyon
Fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz Rock "clicks" heard by hunters
Summer 1986 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz Man reports two sightings, vocalizations and footprints
Spring 1988 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz White haired creature spotted next to road near Silver Lake
Summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz Whistles heard and creature spotted in nearby stream
Spring 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz Couple hears howls across the road from their room at a resort
Fall 1993 +/- 1 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz Strange growling heard by woman
Fall 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz Footprints and trail observed along a road
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Cowlitz Father and son hear echoing call and get feeling of being watched
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Ferry Man hears vocalizations from nearby ridge and responses
Fall 1980 oregonbigfoot.com Graham Hairy, upright walking creature spotted by a hunter in a meadow
fall 1977 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor FIsherman followed by something with a musky odor
winter 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Strange vocalizations heard
winter 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Sighting by elk hunter
Fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Creature spotted by teens with a spotlight
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Teens have sighting in a field
Summer 00-04 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Teens tell of hearing rocks thrown in the river on several occasions
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Man and his son are hit by thrown rocks
Fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Calls heard by hunter and his girlfriend near Old Railroad Grade
fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Hunters experience odor, vocalization near Wynoochee Valley Road
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Tall black creature observed walking along railroad tracks
Spring 1996 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Tall upright creature spotted walking across a hay field
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Hunters almost shoot what they originally thought was a bear
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Grays Harbor Group makes and hears calls, one sees creature
2005 oregonbigfoot.com Island Sounds heard while walking dogs through the woods
spring 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Hikers followed in woods
2002 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Bowhunters see tall, dark creature
Fall 1972 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Creature observed by several people, next to a telephone pole
winter 1985 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Man describes a line of tracks near Penny Creek Rd.
Summer 1975 oregonbigfoot.com King Kids on motorbike see Bigfoot near their home
2003 oregonbigfoot.com King Secondhand report - dead bigfoot found
Winter 1993 oregonbigfoot.com King Vocalization heard at ski resort
Spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com King Several sightings and encounters over a week period
Winter 2006 oregonbigfoot.com King Very loud bipedal footsteps heard early in the morning outside a home
Summer 1995 oregonbigfoot.com King Scary feeling of being watched and footprints observed on another date
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com King Man hears screams while walking to his truck
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com King Man on his deck hears "whooping sounds"
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com King Man hears strange calls around 3am
Spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com King County Woman hears rustling in bush and then smells something
fall 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Kitsap Hunters surprise creature - it screams at them and runs away
Summer 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Kitsap Creature heard and observed lifting dead-fall tree
Summer 1982 oregonbigfoot.com Kitsap Footsteps heard early in the morning until gunshots chased away what was making them
Summer 1983 oregonbigfoot.com Kitsap Woman hears footsteps, breathing, and then running as shots were fired
Winter 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Kitsap Man hears "whooping" at about 4am
Summer 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Kitsap Man and his granddaughter are awakened by screams in the night
Spring 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Kittitas Hikers have feeling of being watched and then hear something break through the ice nearby
Fall 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Kittitas Man hears unidentified screams with his brother and alone
Winter 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Klickitat Diversionary rocks thrown near witness
2004 oregonbigfoot.com Klickitat Woman recalls several encounters over the years including one sighting that still frightens her
Summer 2003? oregonbigfoot.com Klickitat Girl hears whistles while picking huckleberries in a foggy area
Summer 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Klickitat County Man sees hairy, bipedal creature cross the road in front of him
Summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Whoops heard by couple
Spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Man hears "siren" type calls while sleeping in his truck
Winter 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Man in a bus has an experience that lasted throughout the night
Spring 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Rancher sees glowing eyes at night, about 8 feet from the ground
Summer 1991 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Witness describes nighttime sighting during Civil War reenactment
Winter 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Dogs react to creature's presence while man is hunting at night
Summer 1977 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Teens describe multiple sightings over several nights near water tower
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Creature observed watching mother and son at a pond
Summer 1991 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Driver sees black form cross road ahead of him
Spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Man hears whistles and gets feeling of being watched
Fall 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Woman hears nearby scream/howl with a distant response
Summer 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Lewis Man hears creature while solo camping near Mt. St. Helens
Summer 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Brief sighting at Lake Cushman, WA
Summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Creature observed from road by father and his two sons
Summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Footprints and large scat observed near location of new home
Fall 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Grouse hunters see "man-like" creature watching them
Fall 1967-1970 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Two boys encounter large tracks and rancid smell while hunting
Summer 1988 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Numerous howls heard around Lake Cushman
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Green eyes spotted in the night with a flashlight
Fall 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Photograph unknowingly taken of possible creature
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Screams heard and rocks thrown at witness's friend
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Man hears vocalizations while walking and listening to headphones
Summer 1968 or 1969 oregonbigfoot.com Mason Young pole vaulter heard vocalizations while he practiced
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Mason County New residents experiencing unusual behaviors in the woods surrounding them
spring 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Okanogan Native American girl tells of ongoing encounters near family home
Spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Pacific "Human-like" screams heard on Long Island
Summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Pacific Man observes a sasquatch bent over on the highway
Summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Pend Oreille Rotten and disgusting smells smelled near campsite
winter 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Horrible smell, 8' figure seen near rest area
fall 1987 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Miltary personell feel watched, hear limbs breaking at Fort Lewis
Winter 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Resident of Wilkeson area reports hearing screams regularly
spring 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Sighting of a large, reddish-brown creature in Gifford Pinchot
Summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Woman hears sound of a tree breaking and shuffling outside her tent
Spring 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Two creatures spotted in campground area playing with motion lights
Summer 1987 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Creature observed at family campsite area 20 years ago
Spring 1988 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Two soldiers see a tall creature walk by them at night
Winter 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Soldier finds footprints and strange structure
Spring 1990 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Soldiers hear and see a creature near Cat Lake
Fall 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Brother and sister hear screams across the bay from them
Fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Pierce Army personnel hear scream in the woods outside of Fort Lewis
fall 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Skagit Night fisherman hears LOUD screams at Pass Lake
spring 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Skagit Couple has two sightings near home
Winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Skagit Eye contact made
Fall 1992 oregonbigfoot.com Skagit Teens hear screams coming from nearby field as they try to sneak out of the house at night
Fall 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Skagit Several screams heard from the woods and dogs scared
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Skagit Footprints observed while fishing
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Skagit County Two fishermen hear loud roar and see movement in brush
oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Update from local investigator from Lewis River Lower Falls area
fall 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Grayish-white creature sighted
summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Creature sighted by group of noisy hikers
Winter 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Hunter hunts/follows barefoot trail through snow
Spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Woman hears Whoop from woods while walking along road
Fall 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Something trying to get at dog food in sealed container at night
spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Witness describes ongoing encounters
Spring 1982 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania "Penetrating" sounds heard
Winter 1974 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Man sees creature while wife uses restroom near Grant Lake
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Growl/yell heard near Mount St. Hellens
Spring oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Tree breaks noticed along one side of road
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Skamania Whoops heard from the forest birds become quiet
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Skaminia Mountina biker hears whoops, howls, and whistles at night
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Tracks found by fishermen
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Vocalizations and breaking limbs heard in swamp area
fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Researchers report large boulders thrown
1974-78-79? oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Long-term witness as a child, recalling memories of encounters
Fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Two teens see, and are chased, by a bipedal creature
Winter 1986 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Two creatures making noises outside of home and try door knob
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Woman hears and records trees breaking and a scream
2005 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Footprints observed at edge of clear cut forest
Fall 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Boy hears screams outside his grandmother's house
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Woman hears screams near town
Fall 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Snohomish Vocalizations heard coming from woods near residential area
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Stevens Campers hear several screams during the nigh
Summer 1994-1995 oregonbigfoot.com Thurston Fishermen hear screams, see a tree fall, and have their camp intruded upon
spring 2002 oregonbigfoot.com unknown Man watches two creatures near Ell Lake
Winter 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Unknown Man has encounter in a cave
Winter 2010 oregonbigfoot.com USA Man sees, and scares away, a creature in the woods
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Wahkiakum Large creature seen walking along the beach
Fall 1979 oregonbigfoot.com Whatcom Man sees creature flee into woods and hears screams several times as a boy
Winter 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Whatcom Footprints observed in backyard
Summer 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Whatcom Teens see creature in the woods while stuck in mud
spring 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Yakima Footprint found on trail
1993,95,2006 oregonbigfoot.com Yakima Witness recalls three separate encounters at the same location
Spring oregonbigfoot.com Yakima Logger has sighting while riding in a truck
Fall 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Yakima Witness describes two encounters near Toppenish
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Yakima Footprint spotted and photographed in snow
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Yakima Man and son hear strange sounds from three creatures during night
















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