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Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Campers hear "strange howling/hooting" sounds
Summer 1975 oregonbigfoot.com Rafters on Salmon River hear strange sounds
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Ada Family hears wood knocks and rock bangs
Spring 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Benewah Hunter recalls sighting while deer hunting.
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Bingham Growling noises heard outside bedroom window
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Blaine Creatures flee from campers near Perkins Lake
fall 1969 oregonbigfoot.com Bonner Boy and his grandfather see large creature cross road
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Bonner Father and son see creature run away while they were fishing
Fall 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Boundary Wood "chops" and whooping heard in early morning
Fall 07 oregonbigfoot.com Canyon Woman has rocks thrown at her and hears noises
Fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Clearwater Man relates story of encounter as told o him by a friend.
2005 oregonbigfoot.com Clearwater Motorists see creature cross the road in front of them.
Summer 1990 oregonbigfoot.com Custer Honeymooners scared away from lake at night
Spring 1990 (approx.) oregonbigfoot.com Franklin Dogs chased out of the woods by something
Fall 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Idaho Vocalization heard by hiker in Gospal Hump/No Return Wilderness
Fall 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Idaho Hunters hear vocalization near camp in Selway/Bitterroot Wilderness
Fall 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Father/son observe "hairy thing" and chase it
spring mid 1960's oregonbigfoot.com Kootenai Scream/track report
spring 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Lemhi Woman who teaches tracking finds CLEAR tracks while running on logging road
winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Madison Secondhand report of early morning sighting near Rexburg
spring 1998, or 99 oregonbigfoot.com Shoshone Man hears bipedal footsteps while out on a hike
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com United States Young men hear footsteps and have rocks thrown at them
Summer 1972 oregonbigfoot.com Unknown Soldier sees something watching them
fall 1985-2003 oregonbigfoot.com Valley "Gutteral" yells heard on several occasions
fall 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Valley Odor noticed, followed by a loud scream
Summer 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Valley Sound of rocks smashing together and hitting trees heard
Summer 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Valley Boy's father sees something in the woods while driving
















September 28, 2015 bigfoot sounds

Field Journal Updated - Strange vocals recorded in a clearcut! Check it out in the media archives

June 14, 2015

Field Journal Updated - Strange vocalizations are coming from the woods. Join us as we explore the area in the media archives

May, 2015

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October 9, 2014

Sasquatch Abductions - An examination of several historical reports of Sasquatch abductions. How many can you count that mention a group of Sasquatches in a cave at the edge of a canyon?

July 1, 2014

Bigfooting in a ghost town - Join us as we visit the remains of an old company logging town and examine sighting reports in the area

April 7, 2014

The most in-depth report on Sasquatch hair color ever conducted... I have examined 1270 reports in the Oregon Bigfoot database for color frequency. Also, thoughts on Sasquatch hair-growth patterns, a surprising analysis of Sasquatch hair compared to other great ape hair, and an examination of genetic diseases which may be apparent in eyewitness reports, including albinism, skin conditions and more.

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