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Date: Source: Location: Description:
Fall oregonbigfoot.com Vocalization heard near apartment building
fall 1970's oregonbigfoot.com Youth recounts family story of rock throwing in Trinity Alps
2004 oregonbigfoot.com Alpine Camper sees creature near horses through night vision
summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Butte While searching for lost hunter, large tracks found in the snow
summer 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Butte Family has strange experience while picnicking, tells of strange calls nightly near home
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Butte Strange vocalizations heard by swimmers near Oroville
summer 1988 oregonbigfoot.com Butte Woman remembers sighting as a small child
fall 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Butte Woman describes seeing two adult creatures communicating and gesturing
Winter 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Butte Man has feeling of being watched and fear
fall 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Butte Girl and her boyfriend hear and see creatures "talking" at night near a remote residence
Spring 1978 ??? oregonbigfoot.com Butte Creature observed on log in stream
Winter 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Butte Strange sounds heard in winter
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Butte Couple walking reports sighting, odor
fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Del Norte Brief evening sighting by father and son driving on Hwy 101
Fall 1992 oregonbigfoot.com Del Norte Journalism student recalls Bigfoot investigation
Summer 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Del Norte Camper hears loud vocalizations near dawn
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Del Norte Two women heard vocalization in California redwoods
Fall 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Del Norte Man hears vocalizations outside his home near Crescent City
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Del Norte Redwoods Campground Woman hears "whoops" at 3am while camping in public campground
Summer 1981 oregonbigfoot.com El Dorado Two youths see creature at Folsom Lake
Fall 2007 oregonbigfoot.com El Dorado Creature observed crossing road and climbing embankment
1974 oregonbigfoot.com El Dorado Injured man sees hairy creature holding a stone next to a lake.
Summer 1988 oregonbigfoot.com El Dorado Couple hear whistles following them in the Tahoe area
Fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Fresno Hunter spots three upright walking creatures
Spring 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Fresno Camper reports seeing a creature near Huntington Lake Road
2003 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Witness describes deeing large pile of scat
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Campers hear grunting from 3 directions at Onion Lake
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Odor and sound report
fall 1968 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt 12 year old has up close sighting on highway - VERY credible, details report
summer 1973 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt 9 year old girl encounters huge creature while hiking alone
summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Campers sight creature through binoculars
Summer 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Campers hear noise in the woods and have their food raided
2006 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Boy sees and smells creature from his tent
Spring 1987 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Hiker gets scared by sighting of creature looking at him
Spring 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Man and daughter see creature climbing mountain side
Fall 1991 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Boy has encounter while sleeping in tent
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Humboldt Fallen branches and vocal calls heard at night while camping
Summer 1970 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Couple hear screams, whistles, and something running near them
summer 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Lake Fisherman in boat see 8' creature, reflecting eyes, hear vocalization
Fall 02-03 oregonbigfoot.com Lassen Hunter experiences sighting and hears roars.
fall 02-03 oregonbigfoot.com Lassen Brief sighting of creature in dense brush
Summer 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Lassen Man sees large barefoot prints on roadway on mountain road
Summer 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Lassen Woman sees upright walking hairy creature along HWY 44
Spring 1990 oregonbigfoot.com Los Angeles Creature and footprint observed in Simi Valley
Fall 1977 oregonbigfoot.com Mendocino Man hears primal screams
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Modoc Man parked in an RV hears snorting vocalization
Summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Mono Family hears rock-clacking and screams while camping
Fall 2013 oregonbigfoot.com Mono Hunter hears sounds at night and smells during day near campsite
Fall 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Monterey Couple hear growling noises while hiking along a creek
Spring 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Nevada Sighting near Truckee
Fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Nevada Three animals spotted in river
Spring 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Orange Woman reports childrens' sighting and screams heard near rural residence
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Placer Man has his recycle bin moved and dog barking at night
Winter 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Placer Two upright hairy creatures observed on side of road
summer early 80's oregonbigfoot.com Sacramento Secondhand report of vehicle shaken, smell, frightened dog
Fall 2006 oregonbigfoot.com San Bernardino Campers hear heavy breathing, see hairy creature in the woods.
Winter 1986 oregonbigfoot.com San Bernardino Man recalls Bigfoot sighting while visiting Big Bear area.
Fall 1972 oregonbigfoot.com San Bernardino or Riverside (on boarder) Two teenagers see a creature cross the road in their headlights in the 70's
spring 1994 oregonbigfoot.com San Diego Border Patrol Agents see large signatures on scope, wildlife frightened
summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com San Diego Creature sighted near stable
Spring 2006 oregonbigfoot.com San Diego Early morning sighting in Mira Mesa
spring 2001 oregonbigfoot.com San Diego Motorists have up close sighting of a hairy creature. Description of legs is particularly interesting - birdlike?
Fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Santa Clara Witness encounters possible bigfoot nesting area.
Summer 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Santa Cruz Woman observes moss-covered creature eating leaves, watching her
summer 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Teen claims to have staredown with creature
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Campers hear screams similar to Klamath recording
summer oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Man hears creature walk by at 12 years old, tells of father's sighting of same creature
Spring 1990 oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Camper hears stomping and breathing in early morning hours.
Spring 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Camper hears something walking around her tent
summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Cabin campers hear strange vocalizations
Summer 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Screams and footsteps heard in forest
summer 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Man reports several audio encounters and describes being paralleled on a dark road
Summer 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Shasta Man describes several experiences near PG&E cabins
fall 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Daughter and parents see two creatures near home
summer 1975 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Woods-wise miner hears two unidentifiable growls
summer 1977 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Miner experiences rocks being thrown at cabin three times in one night
summer 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Man and his wife nearly hit a bigfoot in on the road near McCloud
Winter 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Screams and footsteps heard around home near Yreka
Summer 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Hunter sees four creatures cross road
1989-92 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Men see Sasquatches while fishing remote location
Fall 1965 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Couple sees creature and tracks while bear hunting near Yreka
Spring 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou two men hear, smell and see a sasquatch in Siskiyou county.
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou A group have rocks thrown at them and something circled their camp
Summer 1982 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou While she was smoking outside, a woman sees a Sasquatch watching her
Spring 1984 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Teens observe a sasquatch stand up from behind a log and walk away from them
Summer 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Siskiyou Odd snort or growl heard during the night from up in a tree
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Siskyou Wood knocks heard and then creature spotted
Summer 1985 oregonbigfoot.com Siskyou Strange howls heard at night
Summer 1977 oregonbigfoot.com Tehama Pinecone pickers hear growl/scream
Fall 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Tehama Campers hear heavy footfalls and camp being disturbed at night
Winter 1985 oregonbigfoot.com Toulumne Vocalizations heard near Stanislaus River, CA
spring 1981 oregonbigfoot.com Trinity Tracks found near a mountain road
Spring 1988 oregonbigfoot.com Trinity Two men see Bigfoot in Trinity Mountains
Summer 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Tuolomne Motorist sees a Bigfoot walk from the road into the woods
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Tuolumne Couple spots creature looking at them
Fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Tuolumne Boy Scouts encounter a creature in berry bushes
Winter 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Tuolumne Couple hears screams and wood knocks near their home
summer 1991 oregonbigfoot.com unknown Hikers paralelled on trail
fall 1968-69 oregonbigfoot.com unknown Veteran hunter tells of feeling watched, panics
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com US Woman arrives home to find sasquatch digging through her trash
Summer 1984 oregonbigfoot.com USA Woman and friends hear strange screams
















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October 9, 2014

Sasquatch Abductions - An examination of several historical reports of Sasquatch abductions. How many can you count that mention a group of Sasquatches in a cave at the edge of a canyon?

July 1, 2014

Bigfooting in a ghost town - Join us as we visit the remains of an old company logging town and examine sighting reports in the area

April 7, 2014

The most in-depth report on Sasquatch hair color ever conducted... I have examined 1270 reports in the Oregon Bigfoot database for color frequency. Also, thoughts on Sasquatch hair-growth patterns, a surprising analysis of Sasquatch hair compared to other great ape hair, and an examination of genetic diseases which may be apparent in eyewitness reports, including albinism, skin conditions and more.

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