Your search for OR revealed 872 records:

Date: Source: Location: Description:
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com A person is awaken by whoops and whistles, in Mt. Hood area.
Summer 1882 oregonbigfoot.com Diary entry from 1882 describes screams and food disturbed
2001 BFRO Hwy 97 near Chemult Motorist sees sasquatch sprinting across road
summer oregonbigfoot.com Man recounts stories told to him by clients in Oregon and Washington
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Creature seen running across road in rearview mirror
Fall 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Lane County Hunter has a close encounter with a BF, next to tent.
spring 2001 GCBRO Baker Unusual screams heard at a lake
fall 1995 BFRO Baker Hunting/fishing partner related to a friend he saw something over 6' stand on it's hind legs and quickly walk 40 to 50 yards near Hells Canyon
summer 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Baker Campers in cabin hear 2 hours of shrieking
summer 1980 oregonbigfoot.com Baker Two men see a creature standing in a field
fall 1977 oregonbigfoot.com Baker Woman sees creature holding a chicken
spring 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Baker Motorists see creature cross I-84
Summer 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Baker Hunter watches what he believes to be a bear stand up and walk on two legs, look at him
Winter 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Baker Man and his dog hear a vocalization while camping.
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Baker County Numerous encounters near Baker City
spring 1995 The Track Record Benton Mary's Peak - While visiting a waterfall, a coffee can is thrown at couple
winter 1993 The Track Record Benton 6 miles w of Alsea - Joe Beelart sees a BF outlined in the headlights
Spring 1988 BFRO Benton West of Alsea, while riding dirt bikes down a trail, two high school seniors find their path blocked by large log
Summer 1975 GCBRO Benton near Dawson - Loggers hear, smell and briefly glimpse a Bigfoot
1961 The Bigfoot Casebook Benton Near Alpine, men saw tall Bigfoot at close range while deer hunting
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Benton Teens report tripping over something furry in the dark while searching for younger brother
spring 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Benton Stomping, tree shaking, witnesses chased out of the woods
spring 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Benton Woman relates seeing white sasquatch near family home as a child
Fall 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Benton Hunters are taunted by possible Sas, while hiking early morning.
Winter 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Oregonbigfoot.com investigation yields large impressions in snow on Poopanelly Creek near Molalla River
Winter 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas On Goat Mt. - Bigfoot pushes tree over on campfire
Fall 2001 BFRO Clackamas Oregon resident near Mt. Hood catches glimpse of a bigfoot in his neighborhood
Summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas during an investigation, Bob and I hear two roars above Molalla River
Spring 2001 BFRO Clackamas Hikers make track find on Table Rock Creek, Oregon, while investigating, Thom P. hears scream
Spring 2001 The Track Record Clackamas Cliff Olson sees a trackway coming straight down the mountain through his binocs
Spring 2001 The Track Record Clackamas Fish Creek - Campers hear noises, smell 'skunky' smell
Winter 2001 The Track Record Clackamas Near Ripplebrook - red-haired creature runs across road
Summer 2000 BFRO Clackamas Sounds at Sandy hotel
Summer 2000 BFRO Clackamas 16 yr old walking home on Dickie Prairie Rd. has strange experience
Winter 1999 The Track Record #84 Clackamas near RippleBrook - trees bent to make hut, tracks found
Winter 1999 The Track Record #84 Clackamas near Estacada - Tracks found going up road at Indian Henry Campground
Summer 1998 The Track Record #79 Clackamas Steve Williams shows Ray BF print in asphalt at Silver Fall State Park
Spring 1998 The Track Record #76 Clackamas At Molalla River site, Steve W. hears chest beating
Spring 1998 The Track Record #76 Clackamas Bigfoot "bed" and possible tracks in duff found
Spring 1998 The Track Record #75 Clackamas Coon Ridge, near Squaw Mt. - Frank K. found 4 toed track in snow
Spring 1998 The Track Record #75 Clackamas near George, woman finds track in flowerbed
Spring 1998 The Track Record #75 Clackamas 18' track found at Goat Mt.
Winter 1998 The Track Record #74 Clackamas A logger reports finding a domed "hut" next to Camp Creek
Fall 1997 The Track Record #73 Clackamas Couple find rock stack at Deadhorse Canyon trail
Summer 1997 The Track Record #76 Clackamas Molalla River site - Mark hears loud screams
Summer 1997 The Track Record #68 Clackamas Man sees BF wading across Molalla River
Summer 1997 BFRO Clackamas Near Timberline Lodge, campers hear loud vocalizations
Fall 1995 The Track Record #82 Clackamas Orey's encounters at MRS
Fall 1998 The Track Record #82 Clackamas Orey tries different 'vocal' baits
Fall 1996 Rich LaMonica Clackamas near Estacada - Frank and Barbie Kaneaster sight white Bigfoot which leaves deformed tracks
Fall 1996 The Track Record #62 Clackamas Near Goat Mt., Clear Lake trail, man sees 2 creatures
Summer 1996 The Track Record #59 Clackamas Men hear noises near bridge
Fall 1995 The Track Record #58 Clackamas Mt. Bikers smell bad smell in Molalla River area, have sighting
Summer 1996 The Track Record #58 Clackamas Molalla River area - photographer smells a bad odor
Spring 1996 The Track Record #76 Clackamas Copper Creek - Couple hears screams, sees weird lights
Fall 1995 The Track Record #53 Clackamas MRS - Bigfoot stares at campers
Winter 1996 The Track Record #53 Clackamas Vocalizations at Molalla River from Copper Creek direction
Fall 1995 BFRO Clackamas A bow hunter reports an encounter around dusk in the woods off Hunter Road
Fall 1995 The Track Record #53 Clackamas Frank Kaneaster casts a BF track near Table Rock
Summer 1995 The Track Record #49 Clackamas Broken trees found at Table Rock Rd.
Summer 1995 The Track Record #49 Clackamas White creature seen in sewage stream near Willamette (town)
Summer 1995 The Track Record #49 Clackamas Wood-tapping, "whoop" heard
Summer 1995 BFRO Clackamas Camp counselor doing trail work has daylight sighting near the Molalla River
Summer 1995 The Track Record #84 Clackamas hunter charged by 7 1/2' BF after shooting a buck near Colton
Summer 1995 The Track Record #48 Clackamas Tent shaken at Molalla River Camp
1995 The Track Record #48 Clackamas Multiple sightings on Porter Rd. near Molalla
Summer 1995 The Track Record #52 Clackamas Frank K. finds skunk cabbage laid out to dry on Molalla River
Summer 1995 The Track Record #48 Clackamas SE of Estacada Suspicious odor report
Spring 1995 The Track Record #47 Clackamas Skookum Lake Campers see large black BF with glowing yellow eyes
Spring 1995 The Track Record #47 Clackamas MRS- Tree rapping sounds heard at night
Spring 1995 The Track Record #47 Clackamas MRS - Man sees Bigfoot in camp late at night, heard rock on rock tapping
Fall 1994 The Track Record #43 Clackamas Bagby Hot Springs trail Footprints seen in deep snow
Fall 1994 The Track Record #42 Clackamas Ridge Above Molalla River Wood-on-wood tapping heard
Fall 1994 The Track Record #41 Clackamas Wildcat Mountain Road Strange whistle heard, local dogs disturbed
Fall 1994 The Track Record #41 Clackamas East of 211 near Colton Bigfoot sighted in area where hoaxes had occurred
Winter 1994 The Track Record Clackamas goat mutilated, tracks found near Welches
Winter 1993 The Track Record #42 Clackamas Molalla Rd. A dozen tracks found in the snow
Fall 1993 The Track Record #43 Clackamas Wildcat Mountain Frank K. Finds large tracks while bowhunting
Summer 1993 BFRO Clackamas Skookum Lake A man and woman report smelling a strange, powerful odor while on a forest road late at night
Summer 1993 The Track Record #43 Clackamas Surprise Lake Hairs found, crashing heard in woods; mention made of several recent reports
1993 The Track Record #48 Clackamas Timothy Lake 50' of tracks found at channel near lake
fall 1992 or 1993 The Track Record Clackamas tracks found near Colton
Fall 1992 The Track Record #41 Clackamas Sandy River Man sees 3 1/2' tall creature with red eyes
Summer 1984 The Track Record #11 Clackamas near ZigZag Woman sees BF washing its hand, reports a telepathic encounter
1984 The Track Record #43 Clackamas near Colton Frank K. describes seeing black Bigfoot after deer runs past him
Fall 1982 -ish The Track Record #10 Clackamas near Colton Woman sees Bigfoot standing on hill near home, tracks of three individuals are found at another residence
Fall 1980 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Dabney State Park, Sandy teens see BF cross rd
1980 The Track Record #12 Clackamas Clear Creek Campground Bigfoot throws tantrum, scaring campers
1982 (early 80's) The Track Record #49 Clackamas Sandy Couple sees grinning (?!) Bigfoot
Spring 1978 GCBRO / BFRO Clackamas near Carver - Men driving to Estacada see BF on road
Fall 1978 BFRO Clackamas Estacada Rancher finds a large track while looking around outside at 1:00 am to see what's disturbing his horses
1975 The Track Record #12 Clackamas Beaver Creek Man tells of bait being stolen from trapping lines
1973 The Track Record #12 Clackamas BF screams heard near Colton
Winter 1974 The Track Record #68 Clackamas off Henry Creek Logger sees bigfoot standing on a log, walking around
Fall 1974 BFRO Clackamas Collawash River near Northfork bridge A camper reports a foul odor and unusual sounds at 2:30 am, then finds numerous tracks at day break
Summer 1974 BFRO Clackamas Behind Skyline Mobile Park, Sandy Heights Rd While sitting on a platform, 6 ft.up in a tree, two witnesses watch a cinnamon coloured creature walk by them
Summer 1973 The Track Record #43 Clackamas Coupland Rd. near Estacada Man describes boyhood experiences with local creature
Spring 1973 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Near Estacada - Don Stratton saw 5-ft, very broad Bigfoot digging at rotten tree stump
Summer 1971 BFRO Clackamas Boring - Nightime sighting by motorists near Boring
1970 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Timothy Lake - Young man in fire tower saw Bigfoot
Spring 1969 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Clackamas River area - Logger saw Bigfoot standing in small lake
Winter 1968 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Clackamas River area - Glenn Thomas turned to find 9-
Fall 1968 Clackamas Clackamas River area - Glenn Thomas studied two female Bigfeet while they slept and ate
Fall 1968 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Near Estacada - Fisherman was chased back to truck
Summer 1968 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Near Estacada - Man saw Bigfoot with no neck standing on edge of woods
Spring 1968 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Clackamas River area - Glenn Thomas watched female Bigfoot eating willow leaves
Fall 1967 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Near Estacada - Glenn Thomas watched 2 adult and a young Bigfoot eating rodents
Summer 1964 The Bigfoot Casebook Clackamas Nr Estacada - 4 men saw Bigfoot by lake shore
Summer 1953 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 19 Clackamas near Sandy, Fisherman saw 8' BF watching him from the edge of a thicket in a canyon on Alder Creek
Spring 1912 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 13 Clackamas near Estacada, fisherman finds tracks
2002 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Tracks in snow found near Squaw Lake
Fall 1998 (late 1990's) GCBRO Clackamas Thirdhand report of creature seen near truck by hunters
1950's to early 60's oregonbigfoot.com clackamas Boys see apelike face looking in window
1979 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Youth has two sightings after house is ransacked
fall 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Man describes two incidents in the Collowash, Clackamas area
winter 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Hikers find three sets of fresh tracks on Fanton Trail
winter 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Odd smell, splashing in lake
summer 1979-80 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Teens hear vocalizations, see small grey/white creature swaying side to side
summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Campers see creature near tent
fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Shadowy figure, high-pitched squeal outside residence
summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Teens see dark figures near park in area of ongoing activity
winter 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Teens out wandering around bored, hear creature squeal, chased into building
summer Not sure 1970-1971 ? oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Screams heard near Clackamas River
fall 1978- 79 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Pheasant hunters watch large creature near Molalla River
winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Teens believe they are followed near the Sandy river
spring 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Hunter hears strange cry, sees creature
summer 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Girls recounts hearing screams at Ripplebrook as a child
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Birdlike calls heard throughout the night
summer 2000,2001 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Campers encounter something running through campsite
fall 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Husband and wife have sighting deep in the wilderness while hiking
2003 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Rouckhound has sighting, is followed out of woods by creature
winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Girl hears howls at family residence
fall 1996 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Family has encounter with two creatures while camping at Molalla River
summer 1993to2003 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Couple has close road-crossing sighting, records vocalizations (RECORDING AVAILABLE)
summer 1970 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Forest Ranger finds broken trees, "nest", pile of dead rabbits
winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Vocalizations heard near residence
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Motorcyclist sees large black creature near roadkill
spring 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Resident hears thuds outside, strange calls
summer 1972 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Boy smells foul odor, has brief sighting while in the back of pickup
summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Firefighter sees creature several times while fighting forest fire
Winter 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Family hears screams in the night
summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Teens out for a drive sees a tall, bulky, dark figure walking through a field
Summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Hikers see black hairy figure near Mother Load Mt.
summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Hikers hear a strange vocalization near an abandoned mine
Winter 1992 The Track Record #11 Clackamas Mt. Hood/Govt. Camp Sledders see BF standing in road, possibly pregnant, next day found 4 miles of tracks
Summer 1991 BFRO Clackamas Sounds heard at Skookum Lake
Summer 1991 The Track Record #3 Clackamas upper Clackamas River Footprints found twice by Roy Caddy
Spring 1991 The Track Record Clackamas Molalla Rd Family sees white bigfoot three years in a row around Easter, call him
1990 The Track Record #48 Clackamas Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness Hikers leave camp in the middle of the night to avoid a
1989 The Track Record #40 Clackamas SE of Estacada Dan P. sees BF run across road
Summer 1987 BFRO Clackamas Troon Dr., West Linn Couple hears what sounds like a woman screaming
fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Fishermen hear rocks banging together and smell foul odor
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Colton man hear screams in the night
Fall 1992 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas family has many repeat experiences in the Mollala River area
Winter 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Long, loud moan heard throughout mountains near Mount Hood
Fall 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Vocalization heard near Thunder Mt
Fall 2008or2009 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Man and woman hear strange growls.
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Woman believes she was followed by BF to restrooms.
Spring 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Forest workers hear vocalization.
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Campers hear rock clacking and wood knocking at lake
Spring 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Man has in his camp, and hears two Sasquatch calling to each other.
Winter 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Family find large prints on their farm.
Summer 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Resident hears vocals, rocks thrown while fishing
Spring 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Pre-dawn screams heard and tracks found east of Estacada
spring 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Teen is mimicked by a Sasquatch
Spring 2015 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas Woman and husband hear vocalizations
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas County Man hears noises, while at shooting range.
Summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Clackamas County Man witnessed a bigfoot, while fising at remote mountian lake.
Summer 2000 BFRO Clakamas Sue L. describes various activity at the Molalla River site
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Clakamas/multnomah Group have experience at Mollala Falls
Fall 2001 BFRO Clatsop Traveler hears "eerie and strange" scream while walking dog near Elsie
Winter 2000 BFRO Clatsop Large, barefoot, bipedal tracks found by trapper in a densely forested area
Fall 1996 The Track Record #76 Clatsop Nehalem River - Joe R. and wife found around 100 tracks and more over a 6 week period
Summer 1995 The Track Record #76 Clatsop Saddle Mt. - Man's car goes off road, hears screams following him as he walks off of mountain
Summer 1995 The Track Record #49 Clatsop Saddle Mt. - Vocalizations heard
Spring 1995 The Track Record #44 Clatsop Saddle Mt. - Tracks found on trail at mountain's peak
Winter 1995 The Track Record #44 Clatsop Saddle Mt. Park - Man hears tree rapping, has odd dream...
Winter 1995 The Track Record #44 Clatsop Ecola State Park Woman claims Bigfoot sighting, arms moving in
Summer 1994 The Track Record #43 Clatsop Blind Slough Mushroom pickers see gray-brown Bigfoot
1994 The Track Record Clatsop SE of Astoria - Mt. Biker followed
Spring 1993 BFRO Clatsop Saddle Mt. - Military man on training exercises witnesses three, black, bipedal animals
Winter 1993 The Track Record #11 Clatsop Bergsvik Creek Fish Hatchery - Witnesses see amber glowing eyes and smell a
Fall 1991 or 1992 The Track Record #3 Clatsop Near Fishhawk Lake - Man hears screams that sound like someone saying
Fall 1990 The Track Record #11 Clatsop near Buchanan Cr. - Man watches creature for 1/2 hour, finds half-eaten coyote carcass
Spring 1979 The Bigfoot Casebook Clatsop Neahkahnie Mountain, Seaside Monte Kauffman sees creature
1964 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 29 Clatsop Near Elsie - Man saw Bigfoot standing looking inside station wagon at fishing partner sleeping
spring 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Clatsop Sighting at an elk ranch
winter 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Clatsop Sleeping bowhunter awakens to crashing in brush, horrible stench
fall 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Clatsop Track found by elk hunter
winter 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Clatsop Truck driver see 8 1/2' tall creature near Camp 18
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Clatsop Woman hears vocalization, while walking her dog.
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Clatsop Couple hears unidentified scream in the evening air.
Fall 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Clatsop Elk, elk hunter disturbed by whoop near Astoria
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Clatsop County several large footprints found past a campground.
Fall 1997 The Track Record #73 Columbia Article in Oregon Hunters Assoc. documents sighting by Portland hunter
Summer 1980 The Bigfoot Casebook Columbia Rainier Bill Leon Buol saw dark Bigfoot behind
1980 The Track Record #49 Columbia Goble Track and hair found, berry bushes stripped
1927 The Bigfoot Casebook Columbia Multiple Yankton sightings
spring 1972 oregonbigfoot.com Columbia Bikers hear loud call while on Hwy 30
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Columbia Woman hears terrifying shriek near residence, describes livestock disturbance
fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Columbia Large barefoot tracks found. Resident reports hearing strange sounds
2009 oregonbigfoot.com Columbia Vocalizations Heard in Timber
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Columbia Elk hunter's cow call triggers response scream
Spring 2013 oregonbigfoot.com Columbia Campers hear close-by screams
Summer 2000 Sasquatch Information Society Coos Near Bandon - Man finds large tracks
Summer 1996 BFRO Coos Near Bandon, Lampa Valley Rd Sighting by two young men on motorcycles
Winter 1980 BFRO Coos Lampa Mt Rd - Large Bipedal Animal Seen Crossing Rural Road and Climbing Cutbank
Fall 1974 GCBRO Coos Near Powers - Large Blue-Grey Bigfoot Seen
Spring 1973 The Bigfoot Casebook Coos Near Sitkum - Engaged couple see a 10-ft Bigfoot
Fall 1972 The Bigfoot Casebook Coos Lee Valley Rd. - Dewey Strong saw 7-ft Bigfoot
Fall 1970 The Bigfoot Casebook Coos Near Coos Bay - Edward Flowers saw two Bigfeet
Summer 1969 The Bigfoot Casebook Coos East fork of Coquille - Jack Woodruff / Something shook his
Winter 1996 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Worker glimpses bipedal creature, finds fresh track
spring 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Footsteps heard on beach, witness turns to see a furry leg disappear around a bend
fall oregonbigfoot.com Coos Man and wife sight a creature while driving on Coos Bay Wagon Road
spring 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Creature seen running down muddy construction road
2002 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Campers hear tree knocking, feel uncomfortable and leave
2001 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Teen describes sightings while dirtbiking
oregonbigfoot.com Coos Secondhand report of a family taking in an injured creature
summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Man sees creature outside residence at night
summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Logging crew sees creature standing on road, it screams
Fall 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Couple watches creature run away on two legs
2006 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Man sees track, possible creature while 4-wheeling near Coos Bay
spring 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Couple has stare-down with creature while driving in the woods
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Large bipedal creature sighted near Tioga Creek
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Couple hears something hitting the base of a tree and experiences strong odor near Coquille
Spring 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Several vocalizations heard on Bud Mountain
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Man sees bigfoot near fire pile from window
Fall 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Coos Sighting on mainline logging rd near Coos Bay
Winter 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Coos witness has encounter while taking dog outside.
Winter 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Coos County Family witnesses a BF while driving to camp.
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Cottage Grove Two hikers, have vocalization and weird feelings, in the mountains of Cottage Grove.
fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Crook Brief sighting near Prineville
spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Crook Fisherman sees creature in Wildcat Creek
fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Crook Couple hears bipedal walking while hiking near Prineville
summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Crook Husband and wife see creature running on lakeshore at Prineville Resort Campground
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Crook Mother and son have encounter in campground
Summer 1982 oregonbigfoot.com Crook Sheriff deputy and companion standoff three+ creatures
Fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Crook Hunter waiting for his father is approached by a creature east of Prineville
Summer 2001 BFRO Curry Evening beach walker with dog observes two huge upright figures
Spring 2001 BFRO Curry Near Brookings Two hikers both hear strange sounds in a creek culvert, investigate to see two ape-like creatures sitting at far end of culvert
Summer 1994 The Track Record #41 Curry Chetco River - Man is charged by something in the brush
Fall 1990 / 1991 The Track Record #42 Curry Kalmiopsis wilderness - Men hear growling, deer meat taken, large fecal matter found
Summer 1986 BFRO Curry Two sets of bigfoot trackways at Cape Blanco Beach on southern Oregon coast
Fall 1978 The Bigfoot Casebook Curry Southern Curry County Barbara Megli / Investigating when chickens and horses were disturbed, saw Bigfoot standing in a clearing
Summer 1978 BFRO Curry Near O'Brien - Hikers notice a large (at least seven to eight feet tall) animal covered with dark brown fur sitting on a stump
1974 The Track Record #49 Curry Sixes River - Orange glowing eyes, strange sounds and disturbed vegetation described
Summer 1969 The Bigfoot Casebook Curry Sixes River nr Port Orford - Joe Bayless / Saw Bigfoot several times during 2-month dredging operation
Summer 1969 BFRO Curry Near Babyfoot lake/Kalmiopsis wilderness - Campers hear terrifying vocalizations and see a huge dark form
Fall 1930's The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 15 Curry Craggie Mountains (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) - Logger sees big footprints in snow heading into back country
1930's The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 15 Curry Coast Range, OR/CA border - Jamie Seliger of Portland saw giant human tracks.
Fall 1924 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 13 Curry Craggie Mountains (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) - Young cowboy followed in shallow snow a trail of huge prints with long stride, heading into rough country
Winter 1904 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 13 Curry Sixes mining district nr Myrtle Point, OR Wild Man of the Sixes
1900 The Bigfoot Casebook Curry Sixes River area, OR - Miners saw 9-ft hairy'animal-man' drinking at stream
1899 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 5 Curry Headwaters of South Sixes River, OR Prospectors named Robbins/Benson saw 'devil'
Summer 1978 oregonbigfoot.com Curry While camping at KOA campground, boy finds evidence
Summer 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Curry Creature sighted near Gold Beach rock quarry
Summer 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Curry Woman retells story of her encounter, while camping with family.
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Curry Witness has vocalizations on property.
Winter 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Curry Camper hears "conversation" along Elk River
Winter 1975 oregonbigfoot.com Curry Stranded motorist hears screams across the Chetco
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Curry County Group of twelve pelted with rocks
Winter 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Dechutes
Winter 1998 The Track Record #73 Deschutes SW of Sunriver - Tracks found near forest cabin
Winter 1998 The Track Record #73 Deschutes 3 miles S of Bend - Man finds 80' of tracks near home
Winter 1998 The Track Record #73 Deschutes 6 miles S of Bend - Fresh tracks, 8-10 of them, found in snow on road
Fall 1998 The Track Record #73 Deschutes 5 Miles north of LaPine - Man and son see BF standing in the middle of the road
Fall 1996 BFRO Deschutes On US Highway 97, south of La Pine - Witness observed a tall rangy fiqure emerge from the treeline
Fall 1996 BFRO Deschutes Three Sisters Wildness near Cash Lake Witness heard underbrush snapping and small trees crashing to the ground
Summer 1996 BFRO Deschutes near Paulina Peak & newberry crater Witness noticed very strange prints on the ground
Summer 1996 The Track Record #69 Deschutes Deschutes National Forest - Man falls and breaks leg, is rescued by two creatures
1995 The Track Record #73 Deschutes Wickiup Lake area - Dan Thorpe said logger friend saw tracks
Summer 1994 or 1995 BFRO Deschutes Just north of lava butte - Cousins followed for a quarter mile
Summer 1993 The Track Record #41 Deschutes near Sisters, tree limbs found stacked
Winter 1993 The Track Record #49 Deschutes Redmond Airport - tracks found, 22 inches long
Summer 1987 BFRO Deschutes Three Sisters Wilderness - Witnesses observe rocks being thrown into campsite
1987 The Track Record #47 Deschutes near Paulina Peak - Woman hears scream, Forest Rangers show her a cast of a track
Summer 1984 GCBRO Deschutes Near Broken Top and Green Lake BF rubs against campers' tent, eats food from campsite
Summer 1981 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Near Green Lake 12 year old boy sees dark form drinking from lake, walks into trees
Summer 1980 BFRO Deschutes on the Bend side of Sunriver - Witnesss saw a large, light reddish brown, hairy man standing in the road shielding it's eyes from the headlights of her car
1977 (approx) The Bigfoot Casebook Deschutes Near Bend - 2 men claim attack by BF
1975 or 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Three Sisters Wilderness - Boy gets out of car to relieve himself, sees tracks
Summer 1970 BigfootEncounters Deschutes Three Sisters Wilderness, North Mathieu Lake - Man camping alone hears footsteps
Winter 1959 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 20 Deschutes Bachelor Butte, near Bend -J. Morgan, ret'd director Mt. Bach ski resrt, saw prints in snow at app. 7000'
1950's The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 19 Deschutes Three Sisters Wilderness - Zack Hamilton photo
Fall 1957 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 19 Deschutes Wanoga Butte, nr Bend - Gary Joanis & Jim Newall
Summer 1942 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 15 Deschutes Todd Lake Don Hunter, head of Audio Visual Dept at UofO, & Mrs. Hunter saw tall figure in meadow; when they got out of car, it strode into woods on 2 legs
1990s GCBRO Deschutes Fishermen followed by curious creature
fall 1987 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Campers hear loud roar at Torso Lake near Sisters
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Strange calls heard outside family home
fall 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Brief sighting on Hwy near Bend
summer 1970's oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Hunters frightened by creature pacing them int he woods
summer 1988 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes 12 year old girl sees creature near family home
summer 1990 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Camper is followed, has sighting
summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Child and family sees multiple tracks near Visitor Center
summer 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Creature sighted walking along Hwy 97
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Tracks found and cast near campsite in deep woods
fall 1991 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Tracks found near LaPine
summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Vocalizations heard near Paulina Peak
fall 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Hunter sees large black creature near Wickiup Reservoir
Fall 1980 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Backpackers hear unexplainable howling
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Hiker hears woodknocking while on the PCT
Spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Creature spotted on street, ran down bank
Spring 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Man finds footprints in mud - PHOTOS (likely human)
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Group camping with horses finds tracks, makes castings - PHOTOS
2009 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Man makes eye contact with tall creature on trail near South Sister
Winter 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Man hears loud yell in distance
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes young man has sighting, watches a BF walk across a hillside.
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Runner has encounter.
Spring 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Person driving backroads west of Bend finds tracks
Summer 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Screams heard near Sunriver
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Deschutes Brothers find tracks in a snow bank near Tam McArthur Rim
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Deshutes friends camping with horses, hear loud yelling/screaming
Spring 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Deshutes Man and son find tracks that lead to a concealed cave entrance.
Fall 2001 BigfootEncounters Douglas near Roseburg - Man stops to relieve himself and sees BF
Fall 2000 GCBRO Douglas near Glide - Large footprints found
Spring 1999 Sasquatch Information Society Douglas near Sutherlin - Men trimming powerline area see BF
Summer 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Illahee Flat near Glide - Forest Service employee and several campers witness Bigfoot walk across meadow
Fall 1991 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas near Roseburg, Diamond Lake Blvd. - Jeanie (reference librarian at UCC) said she saw a huge footprint in mud on Boundary Rd.
Summer 1991 BFRO Douglas Rogue-Umpqua Wilderness near Fish Mt. - Two hikers witness large brown creature moving quickly through understory; trained dogs afraid
Fall 1987 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Wolfe Creek Job Corps Center - Teen sees creature splashing in creek, smells
Summer 1982 The Track Record #42 Douglas Green Mt. east of Drain - Men hear scream, something charges, smell something bad
Fall 1980 BFRO Douglas S of Yoncalla - Brothers have morning sighting of two bigfoot like animals south of Yoncalla
Fall 1979 or 1980 BFRO Douglas Late night encounter in the Rough Creek area
Summer 1978 BFRO Douglas Near Reedsport? Young camper frightened by large hand gathering berries
Fall 1976 The Bigfoot Casebook Douglas Near Glide MAn stopped to watch 6-7-ft Bigfoot on hill 150 yds away; after a few seconds it walked away
Summer 1974 The Bigfoot Casebook Douglas near Roseburg, family sees BF several times while camping
Summer 1974 The Track Record #47 Douglas near Riddle Multiple sightings and encounters described
Summer 1969 Ray Crowe email dated 12-06-01 Douglas Hemlock Lake - Hiker finds cave with footprints and other BF evidence
Winter 1969 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 45 Douglas near Myrtle Creek - Jack Woodruff's neighbor finds tracks
Fall 1959 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 19 Douglas S of Tenmile near Roseburg - Black BF chased boys along ridge
Spring 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Squirrel hunters hear heavy, thudding footsteps, rocks moving
Summer 1973 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Young boy sees a "hairy man" in a tree
Winter 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Four ski-cat guides find fresh tracks on Mt Bailey
Summer 1981 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Fishermen followed, catch brief glimpse of creature
Summer 1970 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Boy and sister see a "man in a monkey suit" in the creek
spring 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Teens find "bed", see track
summer 1973 or 1974 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man recalls hearing whooping sounds as a boy at favorite fishing spot
summer 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Campers hear vocalizations and thrashing in brush near Lakeside
summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Camper describes brief sighting, tracks and odd odor
winter 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas 8' tall creature crosses road in front of motorist, tracks found
Fall 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man see's and hears a sasquatch while hunting elk.
winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Family sees a creature while driving on an old logging road
Winter 2004? oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man finds footprint, capture it on VHS.
summer 1975 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man recalls sighting as 10 year old - family of creatures drinking from stream
Summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Campers hear screams, branches breaking, rocks throw near Buckeye Lake
summer 1975-76 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man describes hearing vocalizations near home as a boy
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Young Bigfoot tracks found
Spring about 1948 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man recalls sighting a creature as a child near Drain
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Campers startled by raspy howls and falling rocks
1965-66 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man relates story told by father of damage during logging operations
Summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas witnesses all decided together that "No one would believe them" so they did not report the sighting until years later.
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Woman see a Sas jump out of tree, while parked in car.
Fall 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man has sighting along I-5 in 1997
Spring 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas A couple hears vocalizations while target shooting.
Fall 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Hikers hear scream near Lemolo Falls
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Glowing red eyes, powerful smell noticed by residents
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Campers hear mysterious noises and experience bad smell.
Fall 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Timber faller hears loud tree knocks while falling a tree.
Summer 2015 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man hiking with girlfriend hits tree, hears grunts in response
Spring 2015 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Whoops heard by hunters
Fall 2015 oregonbigfoot.com Douglas Man hears loud screaming twice in one day
Fall 80's & 90's oregonbigfoot.com Douglas County
Fall 1993, 1994 The Track Record #48 Grant Vinegar Hill - Tracks found, mention made of mines in the area
Summer 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Grant Early evening sighting in Canyon City
fall 98 oregonbigfoot.com Grant "Bed" area found by bowhunters
around 1960 oregonbigfoot.com Grant Secondhand story of a teen and her mother nearly hitting a creature while driving
winter 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Grant Teens have brief sighting on snowbound road
Fall 1980 oregonbigfoot.com Grant elk hunter awaken in the night by loud vocalizations
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Grant couple hear heavy footfall while in empty campground
Fall 1975 BFRO Harney Near the King Mountain lookout - Two hunters got the terrifying feeling they were being watched and followed
summer 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Harney Man sees creature after it spooked a herd of deer, finds tracks
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Harney Hunter experiences sounds, smell, rock throwing
no date The Track Record #44 Hood River Sherwood Forest Camp - Single 17" track found
Fall 1994 The Track Record #41 Hood River track found near Polallie Camp
Fall 1987 The Track Record #1 Hood River Bear Springs Ranger Station near Mt. Hood - Elk hunters see creatures tearing chunks of meat from a dead elk
Summer 1986 or 1987 BFRO Hood River south side of Mt Hood - One eight-footer and one three-footer seen by witness
Summer 1982 BFRO Hood River south of Bald Butte, near Parkdale - Vocalizations heard; hairy bipedal creature observed
Fall 1981 BFRO Hood River Men have sighting on creature at Baseline Drive, Mt Hood
1978 The Track Record #40 Hood River Hwy 26 - Fishermen see Bigfoot cross Hwy 26 at 3 a.m.
Fall 1975 The Bigfoot Casebook Hood River Near Mt. Hood - Leroy Lucas saw 7-ft Bigfoot, a
Winter 1975 BFRO Hood River Cascade Locks area on Interstate 84 - Creature seen crossing in front of witnesses car
Fall 1975 The Track Record #10 Hood River Cascade Locks - Same hikers hear rocks clacking together during another night-hike, on Wyeth Trail
Summer 1975 The Track Record #10 Hood River Cascade Locks - Two night-hikers are followed on Herman Creek Trail
Summer 1974 The Bigfoot Casebook Hood River Fir Mtn, Hood River National Forest Jack Cochran, Fermin Osborne, J.C. Rourke / Cochran saw Bigfoot watching crane worked by three loggers. Next day all three saw it at same time; dft Bigfoot walked quickly away from them
Fall 1970 BFRO Hood River near Hwy 30 - Graceful creature ran by man when he was 15
1962 or 1963 The Track Record #12 Hood River Mt. Hood Truck driver almost hits creature, truck is shaken
unknown The Track Record #41 Hood River Zig Zag Trail, Mt. Hood - Man finds a single track in the dust
unknown The Track Record #12 Hood River Green Point Upper Reservoir - Many strange, small 6
Summer 1994 to 1996 BFRO Hood River Daytime sighting by young camper at Lost Lake
winter 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Campers in a very remote location hear bipedal walking at night and see a light (?) in the woods
summer 1978 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Children smell horrible odor, see "albino" face outside window
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Footsteps heard, large figure seen by camper
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Man and wife see a creature standing in the Columbia River near I-84
fall 1973 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Tracks found while hunting
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Hikers hear vocalization
summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Campers hear strange vocalizations
fall 1979 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Campers have nighttime encounter
summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Teen sees creature at dusk near Timberline Lodge
Summer 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Mother hears screams and sisters see 9ft tall creature cross road
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River Hunter hiking has a Sasquatch cross trail in front of him.
Spring 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River A couple of friends see BF.
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Hood River County 3 men on a night hike get chased and hear vocalizations.
Fall 1999 BFRO Jackson W of Crater Lake National Park near Union creek
1992 The Track Record #40 Jackson Mt. McLoughlin, Black Bear Swamp - Twisted trees found by mountain bikers
Summer 1990 The Track Record #40 Jackson Mt. McLoughlin, Black Bear Swamp - Another Bigfoot sighting in the same area a week later
Summer 1990 The Track Record #40 Jackson Mt. McLoughlin, Black Bear Swamp - Men see large, 12 (?) foot Bigfoot at the beginning of bow hunting season
1990 The Track Record Jackson Rustler Peak, near Mt. McLoughlin - Witness describes finding broken trees, awful smell while mt. biking
1989 or 1990 The Track Record #40 Jackson Mt. McLoughlin, Black Bear Swamp - Rock is thrown, hitting tree and narrowly missing witness' girlfriend
Fall 1988 BFRO Jackson Salt Creek, near White City - Two hunters find trackway of a Sasquatch, then witness a partial view Sasquatch as it runs away
unknown, pre 1994 The Track Record #47 Jackson Mt. McLoughlin Woman describes living in area, sightings
Fall 1977 The Bigfoot Casebook Jackson Hwy 66 near Ashland - John C. Martin saw 7-8-ft bigfoot
Summer 1968 The Bigfoot Casebook Jackson Near Rogue River - Man sees Bigfoot, 12 ft tall and with amber reflecting eyes, came to within 5 ft of witness sleeping outdoors; left 15-in tracks with 78-in stride
Summer 1962 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 28 Jackson Mt. McLoughlin - Mel Jackson saw prints near campfire
Summer 1960 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 20 Jackson Near Prospect -7-ft Bigfoot ran beside witness' vehicle
Fall 1942 TBC Jackson Mt Ashland - Hunters saw Bigfoot and one may have been carried by it a short distance
Summer 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Researcher Manny S. describes couples encounter near Ashland
summer 1978 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Girl on horseback heard noises, horse panicked
winter 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Hiker notices smell, sees creature
Fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Campers experience screams and tree breaking several nights in a row
winter 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Witness describes close encounter with two creatures in the light of a flashlight
Fall 1992 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Man on horseback smells odor, horse reacts fearfully
1978 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Woman recalls seeing creature while camping in the 1970's
summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Camper has brief sighting, reports vocalizations and food theft
Fall 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Man sees creature while performing military exercise
Summer 1991 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Man tells of sounds heard while camping around Highway 140, Oregon.
summer 1979 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Woman tells of sighting at South Umpqua Falls
1990 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Man sees trackway in the snow near Lake of the Woods
Fall oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Prospect man and members of his family see Sasquatch walk across road
Summer 1979 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Woman makes eye contact with "hairy man"
Summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson please dont play that again she asked with goose bumps up & down both arms
Fall 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Hunters see single clear track in mud near Talent
Fall 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Man see a BF while hunting. Party heard sounds near camp.
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson man finds tracks outside of Ashland, Oregon.
Fall 1978 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Group witness A family of Sasquatch.
2001 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Family and friends camping hear loud vocalization.
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com JACKSON Husband and Wife have a close encounter with a BF.
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Wildland Firefighters have encounter with BF
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Southern Oregon man and his dog hear vocalization in backyard.
Spring 2013 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Group found a possible BF kill, while out for an evening investigation.
Fall 1992 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Hunter encounters a Sasquatch, while on a deer drive.
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Camper hears howls, rocks thrown
Summer 1971 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson Teen sees fresh track, creature while fishing
Spring 1891 oregonbigfoot.com Jackson County Oregonian Newspaper report from 1891
1998 (prior to 98) The Track Record Jefferson Woman sees 'troll' on road
Fall 1996 The Track Record Jefferson Tracks found at house, bear seen chased by BF
Summer 1994 BFRO Jefferson Silhouette seen by witness near Metolius River
Summer 1974 The Track Record #42 Jefferson Man sees BF digging for ants, takes photos
Fall 1967 The Sasquatch File, John Green Jefferson Tracks found, trailer shoved near Trout Lake
Summer 1966 The Track Record #42 Jefferson Man sees Bigfoot splashing in lake through rifle scope
Fall 1986 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Bow hunters describe encounter with a "screaming banshee"
fall 2002 BFRO Jefferson Campers at Suttle Lake see three creatures at night near cabin
summer Early 90's oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Several creatures seen running through woods
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Sasquatch whistles at deer hunter
winter 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Sasquatch whistles at hunter, mistakes him for another?
Summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Man hears vocalization and has sighting.
Winter 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson A family traveling home after Christmas, see a Bigfoot cross in front of them.
Winter 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Jefferson Man describes hearing screams on Warm Springs Reservation
Summer 2000 BFRO Josephine Oregon psychologist observes a creature resembling Bigfoot about 60 feet away while hiking on a trail with his family
Spring 2000 Sasquatch Information Society Josephine near Grants Pass - Son smells strong odor while 4-wheeling
Fall 1997 The Track Record #74 Josephine near Murphy - Tracks found in snow on road, photos published in TR # 74
Fall 1996 BFRO Josephine near Wilderville, Hwy 199 - Ex-Military Police Officer encounters large animal on farm
1991 The Track Record #40 Josephine upper Rogue River - Mike Rinnan find twisted trees
1985-88 The Track Record #44 Josephine Near Fish Lake - Impressions found, one with a baby porcupine squished in it
Summer 1980 TBC Josephine Near Grants Pass - Scott Ericson (13) saw creature
Fall 1978 BFRO Josephine Jump Off Joe Cr Rd, Near Grants Pass - Man hears heavy, bi-pedal foosteps around home
Winter 1973 The Bigfoot Casebook Josephine Bigfoot steps into the path of a logging truck
1968 BFRO Josephine near Hugo - Huge creature almost hit by a truck
Summer 1963 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 28 Josephine Quartz Creek near Grants Pass - Family camping saw Bigfoot on 3 weekend trips
no date Kyle Mizokami Josephine Illinois River, Boy Scout Camp - Son shot a deer, was roasting the meat. Bigfoot came out of woods, accepted meat and a bag of salt, then left.
Summer 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Dogs react and an odor is present outside witnesses' house
Summer 2002 BFRO Josephine Sighting by young man trimming lawn near Grants Pass
Summer 1985 (mid 1980's) oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Two men see bear pursued by Bigfoot - secondhand tale
1990's oregonbigfoot.com Josephine General information on Red Buttes Bigfoot activity
1999 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Campers see large, black, hairy creature walk in front of headlights at campsite
summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Man sees creature laying in fetal position in the road, another runs by and grabs it
Spring 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine man encountered sasquatch while 4x4 in the woods
summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Man and wife hear scream and branches breaking
Fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine witness experienced strong smells around Lake Tannin
Summer 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Man hitch-hiking has a close encounter with a Sasquatch
Fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine This location is within seven miles of the Oregon Caves National Park, where another bigfoot was reported to be seen.
Summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Husband and Wife experience strong smell near Galice
Summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Teens startled by snacking Bigfoot up Picket Creek
summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Man and his son hear loud vocalizations while camping near Greyback Shelter
Summer 1976 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Hitchhiker has terrifying encounter on I-5 near Grants Pass
Summer 1984 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Whistles heard at Quartz Creek
oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Man tells story of encounter when he was young.
Summer oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Mother and daughter witness BF, while swimming.
Fall 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Man and neighbors hear calls in the night. Two nights in a row.
Summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine miners experience very powerful screams around Althouse Crk RD.
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Man searching for bigfoot sees one
Summer 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Tree knocks, rocks thrown off of Caves Hwy
Summer 1986 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Wild land fire fighter, has an encounter while surveying water source.
Fall 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine Man and his girlfriend, had heavy foot steps around camp
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Josephine County Heavy footsteps heard near construction site
1998 BigfootEncounters Klamath near Klamath Falls Man claims sighting while mushroom picking, says son has seen 13 at once
Summer 1998 BFRO Klamath Squaw Lake fisherman followed. Unrecognized stench, knocking, and high pitch howl heard while fishing along lake shore
Fall 1996 BFRO Klamath Hwy 97, in Chemult - Witness heard loud highpitched whooping sound that echoed throughout the forest
Summer 1994 The Track Record #40 Klamath Near Klamath Lake - Two elk hunters see female BF that appears to be lactating
Summer 1991 The Track Record #3 Klamath near Beatty - Girls swimming report smell; also sound report from near Beatty
Spring 1988 BFRO Klamath Chemult - Creature seen walking along the edge of forest
1985 The Track Record #3 Klamath near Chiloquin, Sycan River - Men fishing hear piglike noise, see bigfoot
Fall 1982 The Track Record #49 Klamath Near Klamath Falls - Man sees silhouette walking through tree
Fall 1980 BFRO Klamath near Keno - Footsteps heard outside of camper trailer near Bear Valley National Bald Eagle Refuge
Summer 1979 The Track Record #3 Klamath Knappa Canyon Man, hunting, finds large matted down area with huge dung piles and bleached bones
1973 The Track Record #1 Klamath near Bly Mt. - Kids and Mom in camper exoerience growling, the camper is shaken and they see a large hairy body outside
1960 The Track Record #4 Klamath Wright Meadows, old Klamath Reservation - While hunting,
1948 The Track Record #11 Klamath near Bly - Man sees 2 1/2 foot monkey squatting in road
Summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Tracks found in Sky Lakes region
Winter 1990 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Xmas tree cutters find tracks near Mt Pitt
unknown oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Man is stalked on road near Crescent Junction
winter 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Creature sighted crossing the road
summer 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Boy Scout hears something large and bipedal walk through camp at night
Summer 1975 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Father and Son awaken by BF, while camping in 1975
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Man sees creature run across road in rearview mirror
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Screams heard by hunters
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Campers hear vocalizations
Fall 1972 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Mother relays story to her son, of an footprint found while hunting.
2005 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Couple hears two creatures screaming at one another
1995 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Trucker hears screams
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Picnickers near Lake of the Woods hear scream, see figure
fall 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Solo camper hears large splash in river
Winter 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath man and wife find large humanoid footprints, while scouting deer.
spring 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Family hears whoops on Lone Pine Road
Spring 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Family hears "whoops" while cutting wood.
2005 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Hunters have large logs blocking road.
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Hiker's have rock thrown at them while hiking Diamond Peak.
Spring 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Elementary school campout - witness reports encounter in Williamson River area
Summer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Witness report encounter at family cabin
Spring 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Workers feel like they're being watched and smell strong odor
Summer 1996 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Tracks/hair found near waterhole
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Engineer and conductor see large naked man cross tracks
Summer 1996 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath archaeology survey crew, finds possible BF nest.
Summer 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Man witnesses a BF crossing the road, while in sitting in Vehicle.
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Shooters see creature near Chiloquin
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath A couple have a sighting while shooting.
Spring 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Motorists report possible infant along 140 near Bly
Summer 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath Vocalizations heard at Lake of the Woods
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath County Three women see and smell BF while picking mushrooms.
Fall 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Klamath County Hunter has close enounter with a sasquatch, while elk hunting with family.
unknown The Track Record #3 Lake Near Sycan Butte - Roy Caddy tells of cave found, smelled
no date BigfootEncounters Lake Christmas Valley Farmer speaks of many sightings...
Fall 1999 BFRO Lake Withers Lake, near Paisley Tracks found near a lake by witnesses
Sumemr 1994 The Track Record Lake near Paisley - Teen boys reported seeing 3 BF while hiking.
late 1970s The Track Record #3 Lake Sycan Marsh - Man shoots at 'eyes', 7' Bigfoot stands up screaming
Winter 1966 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 37 Lake Near Lakeview Youths / While thy were cutting Xmas trees
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Lake Tracks found near dirt road
summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Lake Screams heard by fishermen on Trout Lake
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Lake Loud scream heard near Dead Horse Lake
Fall 1985 -ish The Track Record Lane Mike Jay finds tracks, describes which areas in Oregon are best for Bigfoot research
Summer 1972 The Cottage Grove Sentinel Lane Brad Chambers and another youth claim bigfoot sighting on the hill
Spring 1972 The Sasquatch File, John Green , p. 55 Lane 17 1/2" track found near Salmon Creek. Toes wider and heel narrower than usual.
Winter 1972 The Bigfoot Casebook Lane Hunters saw Bigfoot on hillside at night
Summer 1972 unknown Lane Another sighting from same logging operation
Summer 1972 unknown (TSF?) Lane Loggers see BF checking out the destruction
1971 The Track Record #44 Lane Panicked deer, large droppings
1970 's The Track Record #44 Lane Hunters hear shrieks, fall asleep inexplicably
Fall 1970 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 54 Lane R.L. Lakely of Eugene finds 14"-15" tracks 1/2 mile E of Blair Lake
1930's The Bigfoot Casebook Lane Bob Bailey, Hunter saw Bigfoot
Fall 1972 GCBRO Lane Bikers tell of cabin being
1978 The Track Record Lane Man finds "bigfoot bed"
1977 (late 70's) The Track Record Lane High School teacher sees BF walking down opposite shore
Spring 1974 The Bigfoot Casebook Lane Florence - On his way to school, saw 6-ft Bigfoot in scrub beside road. It growled at him but did not chase him
1973 or 74 The Track Record #10 Lane Blue River Area -Truck driver tells of oil drums being thrown about and tracks seen
Summer 1983 or 84 BFRO Lane Man recounts being chased as a teen
Summer 1983 BFRO Lane Late Arriving Campers Hear Running, Stomping, Shrieking, Howling
Summer 1980 's The Track Record Lane Couple, skinny-dipping, see 4 ft. tall "monkey"
Fall 2000 BFRO Lane Three young hunters hear very loud scream across Diamond Peak Wilderness valley
Summer 2000 BFRO Lane Hiker encounters large animal at close range in Mount Washington Wilderness
Spring 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Bob and I find tracks while out for a drive on our anniversary
Summer 1999 BFRO Lane Smith River Rd. - Videocamera Accidently Captures Distant Bipedal Movement near Smith River Road
Summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Bill Armstrong hears whistles while camping
Fall 1996 The Track Record #62 Lane McKenzie Pass - Man sees BF run across the Pacific Crest Trail
Summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Near Husband Lake, Three Sisters - J.W. sees a BF while on horseback
Fall 1993 or 94 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Gowdyville - Two hunters find huge tracks in mud
Summer 1992 or 1993 BFRO Lane Bohemia Mines - Campers hear vocalizations & breathing from very close-range heavy, bipedal visitor
Summer 1991 The Track Record #4 Lane Three Sisters Wilderness - Roy Caddy found tracks near truck after odd experience with friend
fall 1989 (approx) oregonbigfoot.com Lane Brian M. tells of finding tracks on Piper Creek and Wilson Creek Road while hunting
Winter 1988 or 89 The Track Record #44 Lane Fall Creek - Man saw a Bigfoot in the snow through his rifle scope
1988 (approx - late 80's) GCBRO Lane Hikers come face to face with BF, it slings deer carcass over its shoulder
1985 The Track Record #44 Lane near Veneta - Couple on Vespa scooter sees BF sleeping in ditch near road
1985 (approx) oregonbigfoot.com Lane Witness describes hearing screams coming from gravel pit as a child
Summer 1978 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Boy sees Sasquatch walking through trees near family home
Spring 1977 BFRO Lane Late night sighting by family along Hwy 126, near McKenzie Bridge
Summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Strange happenings on the way to Bohemia Mt.
Fall 1992 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Creature seen leaning against a tree near residence
1960's GCBRO Lane Footprints reported in an abondoned mineshaft
Summer 1978 GCBRO Lane Couple see a Bigfoot near McKenzie Bridge
Summer 1973 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Motorists glimpse creature along Hwy 126
Summer 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Teen hears vocalizations in woods
1970 (before) John Green Lane Man observes creature watching partner sleeping in car
summer 1983 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Camper frightened near Kitson Hot Springs
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Tree break/vocalization report
summer 1982 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Splashing and growling heard in creek where children are playing, creature seen near road
Fall 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Hunters, tracking injured deer, hear loud vocalizations
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Screams heard at Odell Lake
summer 1950's (late) oregonbigfoot.com Lane Girls see creature staring through window at them
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Deer hunters heard loud, low vocalization
summer 1970s early oregonbigfoot.com Lane Campers have sighting while lighting off fireworks
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Tracks found above Hills Creek Reservoir
winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Tracks found on Humbolt Mountain near Cottage Grove
spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Tracks found near Bohemia
2009 oregonbigfoot.com Lane man hunting smells something he cannot identify
summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Bear hunters hear two creatures whooping at each other
Fall 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Hunters encounter creature cross road and run down bank
summer 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Witness tells of hearing and smelling a creature near Wildwood Falls
Summer 2001-present oregonbigfoot.com Lane
Winter 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Couple startled at campsite near Lowell
Winter 1980's early oregonbigfoot.com Lane Man recalls campfire story
Fall 1980 (early 80's) oregonbigfoot.com Lane Man hunting from truck sees a bigfoot cross the road in front of him, heading down the mountain
Fall 1981 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Man recalls a sighting as a 14-year old near Veneta
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Lane two men hear a "woot" sound while hunting
Fall 1991 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Man's father recalls hearing an unexplainable noise
Spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Large diameter tree found twisted... PHOTOS
spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Tracks found near Lost Creek - PHOTOS
Summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Lane couple wake up a bigfoot, while riding in the woods
Fall 1978? oregonbigfoot.com Lane Scouts are followed near Kitson Hot Springs
Summer 1980? oregonbigfoot.com Lane Gold claim workers watched by bipedal creature on hillside
Fall 1981 oregonbigfoot.com Lane AWOL scouts have siting near Sharps Creek
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Tracks found up Whites Creek
Fall 1992-93 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Elk hunter alarmed by strange noises
Spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Tracks found and fence damaged near Florence (photos)
Winter 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Lane witness hears vocalizations from wooded area around yurt
Summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Two women witness a Sasquatch, while camping with friends
Summer 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Camper scared by smelly stomper
2010 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Two hunters see a Sas move silently through the brush.
Fall 1997 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Two young hunters find trackway
Summer 1975 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Two hunters have a sighting while hunting.
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Man and Step-son witness a sasquatch while hunting.
Summer 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Witness has a BF look into her house window.
Fall 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Vocalization, smell, tracks found
Fall 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Campers hear loud vocalizations near gravel pit
Fall 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Campers hear growl, trailer is rocked, tracks found
Summer 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Camper have multiple experiences and encounters
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Campers heard wood knocks two nights in a row near Dexter
Spring 1985 oregonbigfoot.com Lane Hiker sees tracks in snow
Summer 2000 BFRO Lincoln Possible movement and footsteps heard by women waiting in stranded vehicle
Winter 1992 The Track Record #12 Lincoln Bigfoot on back porch rummaging through trash
Summer 1991 The Track Record #12 Lincoln Man sees Bigfoot run across private road
1990 The Track Record #12 Lincoln Farmer won't let his daughter near the woods because Bigfoot kept stealing animals
Fall 1994 The Track Record #42 Lincoln Roots found, all stacked in same direction
Spring 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Lincoln Man cutting firewood has sighting near Yachats
winter 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Lincoln Fresh tracks found, strange birdcalls heard
Winter 1996 oregonbigfoot.com Lincoln Bigfoot lands behind car near Tidewater
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Lincoln Campers provoke wood-knocking that lasts several hours
Fall 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Lincoln Friends see bear run on two feet
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Lincoln Motorist sees creatures stand up from behind clump of grass
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Lincoln Man sees a bigfoot cross Hwy 101
Summer 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Lincoln Motorist is shaken by a BF visualization
Fall 1979 The Bigfoot Casebook Lincon Mark Osborne & 4 other hunters saw creature with orange-brown hair around camp; found large handprints on truck
Summer 1972 Linn Witnesses were fishing from a raft when they saw two Bigfeet
Fall 1963 The Bigfoot Casebook Linn Former deputy sheriff saw Bigfoot cross road in front of car
1960 The Bigfoot Casebook Linn Many sightings of 7-8-ft Bigfoot with shaggy white hair. Once kept pace with truck travelling at 35 mph
1885 The Bigfoot Casebook Linn Hunters saw hairy 'man' eating deer flesh
Winter 1971 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 54 Linn Church pastor found tracks
1970 's (early) The Track Record #41 Linn A police officer tells of a sighting, police dept. told to keep quiet
Spring 1971 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 54 Linn Ronald Correll & sons (Eugene) found 1 1/2 miles of 17" tracks beside the trailt o the lake
Fall unknown The Track Record #42 Linn Hunters' elk carcass is disturbed
Spring 1993 The Track Record #49 Linn Tracks found, 14 x 5 inches
1977 The Track Record #73 Linn Hunter shot a deer out of season, BF watched him hide carcass
Spring 1995 The Track Record #47 Linn fir trees found with the tops broken
Summer 2001 Sasquatch Information Society Linn Campers hear stomping, see eyes glowing
Spring 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Encounter on Snow Peak Mainline
Spring 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Woman driving home sees creature in middle of road
Spring 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Fresh tracks seen, yells heard, by hikers near Rooster Rock
summer 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Camper has frightening encounter near Green Peter Reservoir
1995 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Hikers/Campers have encounters at Indian Prairie Lake
summer 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Woman recounts seeing glowing eyes near Cascadia; A track near Green Peter reservoir; Husband's sighting near Lake Shasta as a boy
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Hiker describes finding tracks, other evidence
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Campsite host reports hearing loud snorting sounds, trees breaking
summer 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Gold panner sees creature in creek
spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Elk hunters have sighting night sighting
summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Woman sees creature in broad daylight near mountain cabin
Fall late 1960s oregonbigfoot.com Linn Teacher sees black hairy creature cross over guard railing
Fall 1989 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Man sees creature cross road
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Loud howl heard by elk hunters
Summer 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Linn coyote hunters see a leathery dark face per from the woods
Spring 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Man has nightly visitation.
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Wood knocks through window while witness in bed
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Brief sighting by children fishing near Sweet Home
Summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Early morning sighting by motorists on Hwy 22
Summer 1974 oregonbigfoot.com Linn Workers see large figure near camp at Fay Lake
1995 The Track Record #76 Marion Mother and daughter see "troll" near house, sleep in motel that night
Winter 1994 The Track Record #76 Marion Girl sees bigfoot chasing sheep
Fall 1994 The Track Record #43 Marion Steve W. finds 14" tracks
Summer 1994 The Bigfoot Co-op Marion Woman's daughter found huge 4-toed tracks while fishing. Other fisherman agreed not bear tracks
1994 The Track Record #49 Marion report of a cave stacked with bones
Spring 1992 The Track Record #76 Marion Couple sees Bigfoot standing in road near dump holding plastic trashbag
1967 The Track Record #44 Marion Forest Service Geologist followed near N. Sanitam River
Spring 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Witness describes fresh tree damage and a possible track
Fall 1996 BigfootEncounters Marion Hunter sees Bigfoot near Silverton
1970 BFRO Marion A teenage girl witnesses a female bigfoot steal meat from a cooler
1983 -ish The Track Record #82 Marion Orey Innes tracks and sighting, upper Abiqua Basin
1996 The Track Record #82 Marion Orey has sighting in Abiqua while mushrooming
Fall 1996 The Track Record #82 Marion Upper Abiqua - Orey Innes sighting
spring 1994 The Track Record #82 Marion Abiqua - Orey's son finds cave, has sighting
Winter early 1980's The Track Record #82 Marion Near Hoodoo camp, 3-wheeler riders have sighting
mid-90's researcher Steve Williams Marion Strange rock stacks in the Abiqua Basin
Summer 1975 to 78 BFRO Marion South African family encounters a sasquatch while camping in Oregon
Summer 1999 BFRO Marion Witnesses heard what they described as a "roaring scream"
Fall 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Marion While following up on July 99 report, Bob and I hear loud branch-breaking at night
Summer 2002 BFRO Marion Vocalizations heard by campers in Taylor Park
Fall 2000 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Vocalizations heard near Detroit
summer 1979 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Rocks thrown at campers
fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Hunter hears bipedal walking near campsite at night
1995 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Glowing eyes seen in flashlight beam
summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Man hears strange whistling vocalization near family cabin
2002 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Witness sees creature running beside his truck on logging road
spring 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Tracks, sounds in brush and an awful odor reported by gold panners
fall oregonbigfoot.com Marion Loud thuds, strange birdlike vocalizations reported
summer 1994 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Hunters hear high-pitched "talking", loud scream in rock quarry
Ssummer 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Campers hear large visitor, find tracks the next morning
Summer 1975 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Man recalls hearing unexplainable scream
Summer 1971 oregonbigfoot.com Marion man recalls experience while picking berries
Fall 1989 or '90 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Man and young son see a Sas cross road.
Summer 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Witness hears loud screams and crashing of something large, in woodlands just off her property.
Fall 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Vocalization heard near Pamelia Lake
Summer 1985 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Newlyweds have encounter while hiking the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness
Fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Solo camper hears vocalizations at Pansy Lake
Summer 2015 oregonbigfoot.com Marion Camper kick something through the tent, tent collapses
Summer 1973 oregonbigfoot.com Medford/ Grants Pass Woman and Father see Bigfoot on I-5
Fall 1996 The Track Record #15 Morrow Man and wife play peek-a-boo with a creature outside their camper
Spring 1995 BFRO Morrow Possible Injured Juvenile on I-84 near Boardman
summer 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Morrow Elk hunter hears rhythmic calling
Fall 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Morrow Hunter near Heppner sees 'stump' stand up and start walking
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Mt. Hood snowboarders hear whoops, while filming.
spring 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Multmomah 4 ft. tall creature crosses the road
Winter 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Multnomah Son, driving with Mom home from Idaho, comes close to hitting Bigfoot on I-84
Summer 1995 BFRO Multnomah Union Pacific Railway Conductor Observes Great Ape on Railroad Trackbed
Fall 1994 The Track Record #42 Multnomah Man smells pungent odor, finds deer carass and hears clicking on tree
Fall 1994 BFRO Multnomah Woman witnesses large, hairy man-like creature outside home
Summer 1992 The Track Record #43 Multnomah Man sees BF in moonlight, eyes glow red, claims telepathic communication
1990 The Track Record #11 Multnomah Motorist sees BF jump retaining wall
1977 The Track Record #10 Multnomah Girl's pony found dead, a single track and hairs found at the site
unknown The Track Record #11 Multnomah Two men catch sturgeon, BF comes close, fish is gone when they come back
unknown Kyle Mizokami Multnomah Track found near blackberry thickets and dense forest in an undeveloped park area
unknown Kyle Mizokami Multnomah Hiker on Larch Mt. east of Portland finds huge, human-looking stool full of berry seeds
summer 1986 oregonbigfoot.com Multnomah Excellent sighting by couple at Multnomah Falls
Winter 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Multnomah Married couple hear vocalizations, while hiking.
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Multnomah Trucker sees BF on the shoulder of the road.
Winter 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Multnomah Sighting near the Columbia in Portland
Spring 1996 oregonbigfoot.com Multnomah Equipment operator sees strange hairy creature
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Pendleton Umatilla Country Woman and Family have experience while camping
Fall 2001 BFRO Polk Bowhunter finds twisted trees, tracks, scat, & unusual sounds
Fall 2000 BFRO Polk Motorist observes bipedal creature crossing highway
Summer 1994 The Track Record #40 Polk Man sees 8' tall BF while gold panning
Fall 1974 The Track Record #11 Polk Hunter hears branches breaking, squealing sound, Ranger district says recent BF activity
Summer 1969 The Bigfoot Casebook Polk Mrs. Doris Newton saw two black Bigfeet walking upright across a field 150 yds away
Fall 1967 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 37 Polk 3 men, hunting, saw tracks near abandoned house. Prints went around fence instead of over it.
1956 The Track Record #4 Polk Man sees furry Bigfoot on game trail while following dog
winter 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Creature seen crossing the road at night
summer 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Print found by hiker in Siuslaw National Forest (PHOTO INCLUDED)
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Large barefoot tracks found
summer 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Motorists see creature running through powerline throughway
spring 1990 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Man describes hearing loud scream on Black Rock Mainline Rd.
Fall 1990-93 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Man experiences rocks being thrown at tent
Spring 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Man and Wife hear bipedal footsteps out side their home.
Summer 1993 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Teens hear rocks thrown, see 3 creatures near residence
Fall 1980 oregonbigfoot.com Polk Boys have sighting while bicycling near Valsetz
2000 BFRO Tillamook Couple hears unknown howl, later finds possible deformed track
Summer 1998 BFRO Tillamook Close-range observation lasting roughly 1.5 hours
Winter 1998 The Track Record #75 Tillamook Man sees small black BF creature shelling and eating crayfish
Fall 1997 BFRO Tillamook Group of people witness two Sasquatch run through a clearing
Fall 1997 BFRO Tillamook Two hikers have early morning sighting near Tillamook
1996 The Track Record #74 Tillamook Joe Raab finds a 'Bigfoot Highway', over 100 tracks
Summer 1991 The Track Record #12 Tillamook Condo owner sees black creature walking near lake next to condo
Fall 1979 The Bigfoot Casebook Tillamook John Parson / Hunter found large footprints; at night saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot with pointed head and no neck standing in moonlight near camper
Summer 1979 BFRO Tillamook Crashing and snapping sounds heard by campers
Summer 1933 The Bigfoot Casebook Tillamook 3 woodsmen / Saw 'shaggy-appearing human'; other reports in same area
summer 1995 oregonbigfoot.com Tillamook Couple, both in law enforcement, see creature walking on beach, find tracks
Spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Tillamook Woman sees creature in bushes near Cape Meares
Winter 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Tillamook Man has a face to face with BF while offroading.
Fall 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Tillamook Campers get forced out of their camping spot.
Summer 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Tillamook Large dark figure seen by camper
Winter 2014 oregonbigfoot.com Tillamook Couple walking dogs on a logging road, have something odd happen.
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Tillimook Large upright creature sighted
Fall 2015 oregonbigfoot.com Tillmook Man stopped to use the restroom, heard whoops
unknown GCBRO Umatilla Bigfoot swipes food from a sleeping man
Fall 1995 BFRO Umatilla Four elk bowhunters hear a long guttural scream
Fall 1994 BFRO Umatilla Elk hunter spots reddish brown sasquatch
Fall 1993 The Track Record #40 Umatilla Loud scream heard by hunters
Summer 1992 BFRO Umatilla Witness observed two creatures crossing the road
Spring 1992 BFRO Umatilla Brothers see sasquatch watching them
Summer 1991 BFRO Umatilla Family sees stooped-over creature walking along forest line
1980 BigfootEncounters Umatilla retired police officer sees BF near side of road
Summer 1976 BFRO Umatilla Travelers watch tan-brown 5-6 foot hairy creature drink from stream with cupped hands
Fall 1975 BFRO Umatilla A pheasant hunter's sighting near Pilot Rock cemetary
winter 2002 BFRO Umatilla Man sees creature looking in window at him
fall 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Umatilla Man stops car, sees large, hunchbacked creature beside road
winter 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Umatilla Man shoots at creature attacking cattle
fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Umatilla Man and his wife experience terrible odor, describes hearing vocalizations the previous year
Fall 1982 oregonbigfoot.com Umatilla elk hunter witness a large ape-like creatures walk across clearing
Spring 1969 oregonbigfoot.com Umatilla Scream/smell scares family
Fall 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Umatilla A couple camping have a visitor at night.
Fall 2012 oregonbigfoot.com Umatilla Night vocalizations near Pendelton on Reservation
Fall 1988 BFRO Union Elk hunters find two sets of bare-foot tracks in the snow near Palmer Junction
Fall 1967 The Bigfoot Casebook Union Joe Jackson saw Bigfoot standing by road; it ran into brush
1950 's (late) The Track Record #76 Union Wade Bettis, while elk hunting, found 12" track in moist earth near camp
summer 1970 oregonbigfoot.com Union Follow-up to vocalization encounter
summer 1970, 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Union Man recalls hearing vocalizations in Union County, and in Idaho
Fall 1967 oregonbigfoot.com Union Late train engineer spots bipedal creature walking on hillside
2008 oregonbigfoot.com Union Vocalization heard near Medical Springs
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com UNION COUNTY Brothers hear vocalization they cannot identify while camping
Fall 2000 BigfootEncounters Wallowa Hunters observe a bigfoot in a valley
1988 or 89 The Track Record #42 Wallowa Campers report something rummaging through backpacks, see furry creature
Summer 1988 BFRO Wallowa Teenager observes two upright-walking animals playing while scouting for elk in the Eagle Cap Wilderness
1970 's (late) The Track Record Wallowa Man, sleeping along rd, hears creature running by repeatedly, vocalizing
summer 1998 oregonbigfoot.com Wallowa Rough hands reach into tent, grab campers by the feet
summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Wallowa Boy scouts have sighting while playing in woods
fall 2004 oregonbigfoot.com Wallowa Creature seen crossing road in pre-dawn hours
winter 2006 oregonbigfoot.com Wallowa Woman sees tracks while snowmobiling
1979 oregonbigfoot.com Wallowa Man witnesses bipedal creature cross road in front of him
Winter 2002 oregonbigfoot.com Wallowa Elk hunters hear screams near Troy
Spring 2007 oregonbigfoot.com Wallowa Tracks seen at the top of Mt. Howard
Winter 1995 The Track Record #43 Wasco Two coyote hunters report seeing 7 BF creatures, individual faces discernable
Summer 1994 or 1995 The Track Record #42 Wasco Man says they witness a fight between bigfoot creature and elk
Winter 1993 BFRO Wasco A couple travelling by train observe a sasquatch for several minutes as it observes the train during an unscheduled control stop
fall 1987 (approx) The Track Record #1 Wasco Hunters see two Bigfoot creatures tearing apart elk carcass
Fall 1997 BFRO Wasco Sighting by elk hunters near White River drainage
Fall 1976 The Bigfoot Casebook Wasco Husband & wife / While arc-welding on 2 occasions, saw large, humanoid, dark creature on boulder about 1/4 mile away
Winter 1976 (early) The Bigfoot Casebook Wasco Woman & two sons saw large dark creature on hillside
Summer 1975 The Bigfoot Casebook Wasco Witnesses stopped car to watch Bigfoot standing on hill
Winter 1974 The Bigfoot Casebook Wasco Deputy Sheriff Harry Gilpin / At 4 am on a freezing morning, saw 7-ft Bigfoot on road
Summer 1971 The Bigfoot Casebook Wasco Richard & Mrs. Brown / At night saw 10-ft gray Bigfoot
Summer 1971 The Bigfoot Casebook Wasco 8-ft, silvery-gray Bigfoot seen on several occasions by groups of witnesses
1969 The Track Record #40 Wasco Men smell an odor in the woods that makes their hair stand on end
1969 The Bigfoot Casebook Wasco Four young people got out of car to watch Bigfoot sitting on rocky bluff
Summer 1968 The Bigfoot Casebook Wasco 2 girls woke up while sleeping outdoors and saw Bigfoot on haunches watching them; it ran when they screamed
Spring 1967 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 37 Wasco Teens frequently watched BF cross freeway near cemetary going from hills to river @ 11:30 p.m.
1965 The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 37 Wasco Dalene Brown & other girls saw Bigfoot near gravel pit on several occasions
summer 2001 oregonbigfoot.com Wasco Campers see shadow of large figure on tent
Fall early 80's oregonbigfoot.com Wasco Children have encounter while father is timber cruising
Spring 1972 oregonbigfoot.com Wasco Man witness bigfoot while hitchhiking america
Winter 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Wasco Man has two experiences in same hunting camp, a year apart
Winter 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Wasco man tells second hand story
Winter 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Wasco Man find tracks in snow.
Fall 2001 BFRO Washington Track find by BFRO field researcher
Fall 2000 BFRO Washington Motorist witnesses two-legged man-like creature in field just off Hillsboro highway
Spring 1995 The Track Record #47 Washington Bigfoot sighting, track information
1994 (early) The Track Record #42 Washington Woman finds hair/tracks/spoor while hiking
1990 's (early) The Track Record #47 Washington Local pets missing, large hair patch found
Summer 1993 BFRO Washington Area residents hear repeated loud vocalizations
Summer 1984 or 85 BFRO Washington Daytime sighting by motorists along Hwy 6 near Glenwood
1979 The Track Record #44 Washington huge track found, 18-20" long, 4" deep
Winter 1976 The Track Record #10 Washington Boy on bicycle spots Bigfoot, hears calls
Summer 1970 The Bigfoot Casebook Washington Bigfoot picked up witness as she climbed through fence and threw her back over fence
Spring 1969 BFRO Washington Man spots Bigfoot in field
1950 's The Track Record #44 Washington Residents describe noises, sighting
Fall 1970 (pre) oregonbigfoot.com Washington Grandmother tells stories of Bigfoot activity in Cherry Grove
fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Washington Strange animal crosses road in front of car
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Washington Tree breaking/rock smashing scares young friends
Spring early 1980s oregonbigfoot.com Washington witness sees a Bigfoot cross road, in the 80's
Summer 2011 oregonbigfoot.com Washington Creature circles camp, reflective eyes seen
Fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Washington Deer hunters here whoops in a clear cut near Timber, Oregon
Summer 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Washington/Tillamook boundry Target Shooter Disturbs Creature Above Brown's Camp
Fall 1988 or 89 The Track Record #43 Wheeler Man is followed by something all the way out of the mountains
fall 2008 oregonbigfoot.com Wheeler Campers hear loud vocalizations in Umatilla National Forest
Winter 2014 oregonbigfoot.com WITHHELD A Bigfoot in the headlights
Spring 2000 Sasquatch Information Society Yamhill Man hears squeal, sees tracks, then creature
Winter 1999 oregonbigfoot.com Yamhill Men find tracks 16" to 18" long and 5" to 7" long, with bulbous big toe in snow
1980's (late, or early 90's) The Track Record Yamhill Man says neighbor described almost running over a bigfoot near his home
Spring 1984 BFRO Yamhill Loud vocalizations heard on logging road 15 miles west of Yamhill
Winter 1978 The Bigfoot Casebook Yamhill Same witness saw Bigfoot on 2 nights. It was 6 ft tall, 350-450 Ibs, had a fiat face and square teeth, and was covered with 4-in hair
Summer 1970 GCBRO Yamhill Boy sees a Sasquatch
Fall 1980's or 1990's oregonbigfoot.com Yamhill Country store clerk tells of hunters terrified by Sasquatch sighting
fall 2003 oregonbigfoot.com Yamhill Hunter reports smell, grunting sound, limbs breaking
1976 oregonbigfoot.com Yamhill Vocalizations frighten woodcutters
summer 1978 oregonbigfoot.com Yamhill Man recalls hooting back and forth with something while gathering firewood
fall 2005 oregonbigfoot.com Yamhill Man has sighting of two light-colored juvenile creatures
Winter 2010 oregonbigfoot.com Yamhill Girl has experience while walking to bus stop.
Spring 2009 oregonbigfoot.com Yamhill Camper describes activity 3 nights in a row; tent disturbed
















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October 9, 2014

Sasquatch Abductions - An examination of several historical reports of Sasquatch abductions. How many can you count that mention a group of Sasquatches in a cave at the edge of a canyon?

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Bigfooting in a ghost town - Join us as we visit the remains of an old company logging town and examine sighting reports in the area

April 7, 2014

The most in-depth report on Sasquatch hair color ever conducted... I have examined 1270 reports in the Oregon Bigfoot database for color frequency. Also, thoughts on Sasquatch hair-growth patterns, a surprising analysis of Sasquatch hair compared to other great ape hair, and an examination of genetic diseases which may be apparent in eyewitness reports, including albinism, skin conditions and more.

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